Updates March 2017

As I Await My Fate

Lately my feet and my hands have been going through nerve pain due to my diabetic condition but I do not consider such things to be a matter of negativity since the gods have given me this condition to end my suffering of years on this earth.  I have my legacy and my will already detailed and notarized  and I am merely finalizing my plans to spend the rest of my years in Ecuador or Bolivia.  Oddly, the nation of Canada has entered into the frays of my mind due to the familiarity it would breed as I have lived in the cesspool of America for over 22 years and counting.  At the very least, when my birthday passes on 4/20 it will likely be the last day that I will acknowledge my own existence


New Administrators

I have finally been successful in finding administrators for the public page for this website on Facebook and VK.  As such, content on VK is now appearing on a regular basis and the Facebook page will still be able to be updated as long as I am not post blocked on there.  I have been advocating for almost a year for members in The Cause to leave Facebook behind and to focus on joining VK as there isn’t an ounce of censorship on there, but apparently people love the familiarity and the mental slavery that Facebook provides for them.


New Videos

I have begun to do weekly Facebook videos that will eventually migrate to YouTube if and  when I get interviewers to come and do Skype videos with me.  The topics I have covered the past 3 weeks have been white genocide, refugees, freemasons, and facebook censorship.  Sometime this week I hope to do a video on racial futurism and if that can be an attainable goal and another video about the holohoax and the myth that inspires it!


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