You are Responsible


When you really go deep down enough, when you ignore all that we see in our organic way of life – with our senses, from this perspective, from this 3D reality – when you inquire into yourself in full silence, what you really are is a string of genetics that has evolved itself into a Humanoid, White European Aryan. The average humanoid shares 85% DNA with a mouse – are you a mouse? You share a lot of DNA with a Black African – are you a Black African? You share a lot of DNA with an Aboriginal Australian – are you one? Nope, you are not. You are compilation of genetic data which brings into existence – which gives life to – a White European Humanoid.

And that is quite an awesome thing, now isn’t it? Your Genetic string has been fighting for survival over the centuries – it kept reproducing itself and kept writing down into its hard disk drive more and more knowledge, more and more wisdom – it became creative, it started to shape the world around it and to explore the Universe. Is the mouse ashamed of being a mouse? Does it commit suicide? Does it reproduce? Does it try to achieve the best it can with the abilities it was given? Who made you think that you, a White European, should act any less courageous and determined than a mouse?

You are not just an “individual”. You are the continuation of a Genetic string that managed to develop itself upon this planet. You preserved yourself. You resisted bacteria, viruses, microbes, parasites, the environment. You, the thing that you call “I” and the thing that you look the world at as, the “Me” – you are the external, organic expression of that DNA string. What it cannot achieve on its level of existence anymore – is your responsibility to continue – in the organic form. You are the branches of a tree – it is your genetics – but, you are it. You are the extended Consciousness of it, ever connected to it, ever related to it, ever in love with it. It never betrayed you – yet you are being brainwashed to betray it.

Besides that DNA string – you are a Soul, you are a Spirit – you are an expression of Willpower. You are the extended Light of your Spirit and Soul, the fire which keeps on burning, which keeps on being transmitted from generation to generation. It is the European Spirit that you experience when you face challenges, when you dream of new inventions, when you marvel at the beauty which your Race has designed – it is the European Soul which sings and touches your heart when you listen to the Music your People have created, when you look at Art that we have left behind. It is the eternal struggle for life, knowledge and wisdom that you seek – and it is why every generation before has attempted to leave behind Freedom for you – so that you may have the time and safety to find them.

You are responsible – You have a responsibility – Awaken the Aryan within you


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