Wikileaks Is Zionist Poison


Renegade Editor’s Note: this is from 2010, and much more evidence of the Israeli role in Wikileaks has since surfaced. Just consider how telling it is that they reveal spying in America, but never mention (((our greatest ally))).

Does Wikileaks work in the interests of humanity or the illegal state of Israel? Decide for yourself, in this tell-all about Julian Assange. A special thanks to Jonathan Azaziah, who originally wrote the text for ‘Mark Of Zion: Wikileaks Is Zionist Posion’, written 6 years ago and perhaps more appropriate now then ever before. A special thanks to Snordster, who tried to get this message out to youtubers and got himself banned a couple of times.

An Entire Transcript of Johnathan Azaziah’s work:…

And if you need more evidence:



  1. Already in 2008, heard something, in an international forum, an advanced user, exhibited some rare, and with all kinds of connections to controversial power groups, data so it is a Zionist opposition to Zionist power.

    It also has many Communist components, and multiculturalists as the Pirate Party.

    Some fall into the claws, as it could be Chelsea.

    But, as says Irving ( David ) and others one, referring to other news and portals supposedly for truth and freedom…, ¨ those stupid doing the work to free dissidents… ¨ (similar aspects).

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