I Guess Cause I’m White



Don’t stand on no corner, half hidden from sight,
Don’t own a boom box, I guess cause I’m white.

My kids know their daddy, he’s no overnight,
He’s my husband, provider and he too is white.

Don’t visit no prison, nor get high as a kite,
I don’t offend easy, but then I am white.

Welfare and food stamps is no oversight,
I’m too busy working, I guess cause I’m white.

I sleep when it’s dark, can read and can write,
It’s something expected if we call ourselves white.

My drug is an aspirin, not much to excite,
And I’m busy with livin’ and proud to be white.

I don’t jive when I walk and rouse at twilight,
There’s no crack or boob showin’ but then, I am white.

I’m guilty you say, because I live right,
A heritage flaw, nawh I am just white.


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