What in Tarnation, Duke?


David Duke was THE LAST person I would have expected to use that shitty “purity spiraling” argument after what happened.

In the sound bite, Duke claims that his (Enoch’s) (((wife))) got redpilled and started identifying with the 3/4ths European in her.

>says she’s Jewish on her YouTube channel

>promotes LGBT and diversity propaganda with various agencies

Then he compares this situation to Hitler liking and being friends with a race-mixing composer while promoting ethnic purity.

Top kek. That’s the same thing as marrying a Jewess and effectively stealing shekels from people who trust you not to Skype out?

Then he talks about how some on the right share (((Brother Nathanael)))’s videos. “Think about it, this is a person raised Jewish and who understands that Jews are up to no good. […] No leader should EVER say that the Jews might be our friends, that they’re not our enemies. That…

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