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No need for bifocals if these liquid lens smart glasses prove to be a success

We may not need to get reading glasses or switch to bifocals as we age if these liquid lens smart glasses prove to be successful.

Bye-bye bifocals. A new pair of smart glasses from the University of Utah may have just eliminated the need for spectacles. According to researchers, these new smart glasses come with liquid lenses that can automatically adjust their focus, which means that you don’t have to take reading glasses on and off. This can also replace bifocals, which help you see through one prescription at a distance, and another for nearby objects.

“The major advantage of these smart eyeglasses is that once a person puts them on, the objects in front of the person always show clear, no matter at what distance the object is,” Carlos Mastrangelo, the electrical and computer engineering professor who led the research with doctoral student Nazmul Hasan, told Smithsonian Mag. The sight problem most people have as they get older lies in their eye lens’ inability to change shape in order to accommodate different distances. Today, this is remediated with reading glasses or bifocals, but in the future, those may not be necessary.

MoreAdd some smarts to any old pair of glasses with Kai, now on Kickstarter

The prescription glasses you wear now don’t help you eyes adjust to different distances — instead, they just change the range of what your eyes can focus on. That means that when you don a pair of reading glasses, you can see up close, but you’ll have to take them off to see far away. But the new smart glasses hope to remediate this problem. With lens that are made of glycerin enclosed in flexible membranes, these glasses are a novel approach to eyesight problems.

“The lenses are set in frames containing a distance meter on the bridge, which measures the distance from the wearer’s face to nearby objects using infrared light,” Smithsonian Mag explained. “The meter then sends a signal to adjust the curve of the lens. This adjustment can happen quickly, letting the user focus from one object to another in 14 milliseconds.”

And like all the latest smart objects, the glasses come with a companion app. By making use of a wearer’s prescription, the app can automatically calibrate the smart glasses’ lenses by way of Bluetooth. If your prescription changes, just update the app with your new information. “This means that as the person’s prescription changes, the lenses can also compensate for that, and there is no need to buy another set for quite a long time,” Mastrangelo said.

Don’t get too excited, though. The glasses have yet to undergo formal testing, and today’s prototype isn’t exactly fashion forward. But Mastrangelo hopes that within the next two or three years, we may have a pair of smart glasses that will change the way we see — in every sense of the word.

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5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)


And yes, there are a whole lot more than five, but here are five recent examples that prove our dystopic future is actually our dystopic present.



20 definitive reasons why the jewish holocaust is pile of steaming horse dung

…if exposing the Holocaust narrative as political propaganda makes one a “Holocaust denier,” all of us who put truth before politics ought to wear that label as a badge of honour.” ~ Nicholas Kollerstrom

This huge lie in history must be exposed and decimated. Think of all the innocent, good people who have and are currently spending time behind bars, just for questioning this ridiculous fable. This humongous lie is a buffer for the plethora of jewish criminality. Once this global fib gets exposed (which is will/is); then it will be the beginning of the end of this tyrannical cult. That is why it is essential we all make efforts to expose this insult to history, insult to the Truth and an insult to all who have really suffered under this judaic beast.

These twenty reasons are my personal choices why I know the holocaust to be a lie. I am not saying these are the most important damning evidence; but just obvious common sense reasons why I realised the holocaust was in fact a holohoax. I am certainly no revisionist, but I don’t think with common sense one needs to be. I think we could collectively create a post titled ‘100 Reasons Why The holocaust Is a Hoax’.

These points are deliberately concise and not in order of importance; nor are they particularly academic or scientific. They are meant to be just reminders for those of us who are aware of this hoax, and teaser for newcomers to this Truth, to investigate themselves. It is only when one unravels information themselves, that it truly resonates within. There is a link at the bottom to a plethora of independent information on this touchy subject, from various eminent revisionists.

In essence, I feel the camps were a favourable location to be during the war years. This was a haven during unpredictable times (caused by International jewry), where one stood a much better chance of survival than on the front line, or even being targeted by bombing raids. The German people were the real victims in all of this mess. The poor Germans and other Aryans didn’t have the luxury of good food and entertainment facilities during the height of the war. [please watch the film Hellstorm below]

I would say these work camps were nothing more than watered-down holidays camps, whilst everyone outside truly suffered. And these rats are demanding compensation for being in a holiday camp, whilst the real (German) victims get demonised to this day. My word, what hubris; what inversion of Truth!

1.  Pink 

Lobster pink is the colour of a corpse from cyanide and carbon monoxide poisoning (the two gases supposedly used by the evil Nazis). Both gases block body oxygen absorption; therefore the corpses being full of oxygen (oxy-haemoglobin) turn into a pink/red. All of the reports claim to have only seen blue/greenish coloured corpses by all of the witnesses; even testified at the Nuremberg trials.

2. Blue

Prussian blue is the colour of stained walls left as residue from iron deposits from the cyanide gas, as were the walls in the delousing chambers. Cyanide was used only to delouse the clothing of the inmates, and certainly not for killing jews. And this why no blue staining appears in the supposed gas chambers claimed by the jews. Fredrich Leuchter and others have done scientific experiments to prove this. Although, again one does not need to be an expert to see the obvious. However, these independent scientists and revisionists are tremendously useful in standing up to the mainstream, mind-controlled and compromised academics.

3. Red

The International Red Cross were regular, spontaneous visitors to the supposed ‘death’ camps. This alone should ring alarm bells to newcomers to this ridiculous fairytale. Why would a humanitarian organisation wish to pay visits to a death camp?? And what did they find? They found healthy nutritional food, served to healthy inmates (prisoners). That’s it! No deformed bodies, no piles of lobster-coloured nor blue/green corpses, nor experimental chambers.

The real stinger for me in this, is that the jews were receiving far better nutrition than the Germans (and other Aryans) who were suffering outside of these camps – and all caused in the first place by collective jewry. God, you couldn’t make this shit up.

4. Jew Mathematics 

The actual figure of 6 million deaths due to gassing and shooting is quite preposterous. This magic figure has been cited 166 times from 1900 – 1945. With claims of (or alluding to) torture or torment of jews. When the reality is there were more jews AFTER the war, than before. Now get a pen and paper and try and work that maths equation out.

There have been 5’360’710 claims from so-called Holocaust survivors. So let’s look at this:

4 million jews under Hitler’s government, yet somehow 6 million died and then 5 million remained to claim compensation … now that’s jew mathematics. These lying bastards want empathy and reparations. It matters not that the figures do not equate.

5. Taboo 

If you dare even show a sniff of doubt that 2+2=5, Big Brother will incarcerate you. And that’s where we’re at. If you simple question these ridiculous myths of the Holocaust Religion in 17 countries you will go to prison under ‘hate crimes’ law (legislation not actual law). That fact alone should ring very loud alarm bells to anyone looking into this myth. Because surely if this atrocity on the jews really did happen, and could easily be backed up by real history and real scientific evidence – then surely this debate should be transparent for all to see.

If this holocaust really did happen, then the jews would be the first to want to make a mockery of all these non-jewish revisionists. That would be their ultimate trump card.

And as with all history, and science and any area of study we need to be able to independently review and revise it. Yet somehow this hot topic is a closed case, written in stone, never to be questioned. With any academic questioning the holo-religion demonised and outed from his career. How convenient. To me this point alone is enough to highlight The Holocaust’ as a sham.

6. Facilities 

In the so-called Auschwitz ‘death’ camp, where the evil nasty Nazis were gassing the poor victim jews, they inappropriately had the following facilities: swimming pool, theatre (for music and drama), kindergartens, orchestra, library, art museum, football pitch, sports relay events, post office (where death victims could write postcards to the outside world), hospital/medical unit (to make people better), Auschwitz currency, brothel, underfloor-heated quarters, canteens, kitchen and a bakery. Phew, some death camp, hey.

And any officer who harmed a jew was punished. There were strict legal measures set in place in order that no mistreatment of inmates would occur. It was not beneficial to harm the valuable labour force.

7. Logistics

Why, why, why would the Germans invest so much precious energy and time transporting millions of jews to death camps in war time? Why? What would be the logic for this insane logistics? Think of the cost of the fuel alone. If the Germans really wanted to kill off all the jews, why didn’t they just locally round up the jews and kill them in situ? This would have been so much more productive and economical. The Germans were not stupid and in fact were excellent strategists. It makes no sense ‘if one believes this ridiculous fairytale’; yet makes perfect sense that the Germans simply wanted to remove jews from Europe (due to their destructive nature) and place them in labour camps to assist their defence.

The Germans needed as much labour as possible during the war to make ammunition and stock. It would make sense that they would use the perpetrators of this war to compensate in way of enforced labour. That’s what every army has done throughout history.

8. Coke

(i) Likewise in regards to reserving fuel. Why would the Germans waste so much precious fuel in burning millions of bodies, using up mountains of coke, when this coke could have been used to fight the war. Remember the Germans were in a desperate situation, with fuel embargoes and economy of resources were paramount. It is a ludicrous suggestion to think they would waste this on gassing and burning jews, which could be utilised for precious labour instead. Not to mention the time and effort used up to do this.

(ii) And where are the arial shots of the mountains of coke which would be needed to consume these furnaces and gas chambers? There were thousands of areal shots taken of the work camps throughout the war. None show any extraordinary coke reserves, nor do any of the detailed paperwork show any stockpiling of large amounts of coke.

If the Germans wanted to kill off jews as the kosher narrative goes, then they could have simply rounded them up in location and starved them of water and food. That would have been the most economical and quickest solution without any fuel whatsoever. Exactly what happened in Eisenhower’s (the jew) camp to the German POWs. Do school children hear about that atrocity?!

9. Jewspapers

(i) Who can trust the media? Even ’normals’ out there know deep down that the newspapers and general media are lying to them (even though they habitually keep consuming these lies). And who owns the media [newspapers (main and local), magazines, TV, cinema, etc]? Ermm, is it the Arabs? The Irish? The Hare Krishnas? Nope – it’s the jews. And everyone secretly knows this fact. So we have a jewish-owned media perpetually giving us the narrative (religious doctrine) of the poor 6 million victims and survivors. And we’re all supposed to believe it.

Don’t forget the jews have control of the academic world too – kindergarten, junior school, senior school, colleges, universities, home study courses, industrial run training courses, etc.

And we’re supposed to believe all this is not going to effect our cognitive thinking and ability to independent come up with our own reasoning to what really happened?

(ii) And when did this narrative suddenly appear in our society? Did the press report these findings at the time of the supposed ‘death’ camps? No. But instead it began to creep out in the 70s. How bizarre!! If one quizzes elderly people whether they heard of holocaust death camps in the late 40s/50’s they will tell you the Truth – that there was no social talk of death camps. Because this fabricated narrative didn’t really come into the psyche of people until decades later.

10. Producer gas

The fact that there were about a half million Producer Gas Vehicles all over Germany and other parts of Europe, and the utter simplicity of the design of a Producer Gas Generator renders the use of Diesel exhaust, or Zyklon B as idiotic as trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together in a match factory.” ~ Nickolas Kellerstrom

11. Air tight

The elementary fact that the supposed gas chambers had a flimsy wooden door, with a glass window, and drains for the gas to escape is a bit of an easy giveaway. If one is to use a pinch of logic and not use one’s emotions, dogma and enforced conditioning. The wooden door in a facility, which would need to be super air tight, is beyond ridiculous. And to think billions across the planet (including myself at one time) have fallen for this horse crap.

12. Fake chimney

The chimney at Auschwitz is merely a prop. It was built in 1946 by Stalin. THAT’S AFTER THE WAR, by the way. After the period of the supposed holocaust. And it isn’t even physically connected to the building. It is just a free-standing, symbolic, non-functioning chimney. I suppose all that matters to the masses is the illusion. After all, this whole world seems to be one big illusory existence. Altered reality will do for the masses, just so long as they’re in their comfort zone and amongst the herd.

13. Emotions vs Facts

When one dares to discuss this exceptionally raw topic, the immediate defiant reaction from most people is “Well what about the piles of skeletal bodies they were piling up with a bulldozer?!” And they deliver this one off statement as if they know. As if they’ve got unshakable evidence.

Well what about them? They were simply a pile of bodies. This whole holo-religion is built on EMOTIONS. The music, the weeping sentimental eye-witness (paid off jews) and symbolism. The shoes, the railway tracks, the shaved hair. None of it is evidence. It’s just symbolism around a fabricated narrative. When a jew stands next to a railway track on the talmudvision with sentimental music, we immediately get triggered into empathy mode. When the reality is it’s just a jew standing next to a railway track.

It’s only when one dares to take out one’s emotions and looks at the actual evidence from independently resourced facts, with logic and reason (and common sense); then all these symbols and dreary music stop having an effect. The piles of shoes were simply donations by kind, caring Germans. The shaved hair were simply shaved hair – carried out for pragmatic reasons to prevent lice in the camps. And the piles of bodies were just piles of emaciated bodies of non-jews and jews which were abundant at that time due to typhoid rampant in the camps … due to the jewish-funded American attacks on the infrastructures, preventing foods getting into the camps. So blame the fuckin jews!

There were thousands of bodies like this all over Germany and Europe, due to food embargoes and mass bombing raids on farms and general infrastructure. Just look at the starving of the civilians in the streets of Germany at the end of the war. All caused by international jewry.

But interesting enough, the film director Billy Wilder who created the footage of these camps JUST HAPPENED TO BE JEWISH. Yessss, how convenient. Now I wonder if he had any bias??

14. Nuremberg

When you think of the Nuremberg trials, think of kangaroo. Think of fraud and deception. The biggest public legal trickery in modern history. Jewish lies at their best. If ever there was a case of lack of justice, it was in these sham trials. The lampshades as ‘evidence’, the false testimonials by SS officers who had their live’s threatened, their family’s threatened. Having had to give testimonials forced with alcohol and having their balls crushed. It was imperative that the jews got this trial to go the way they wanted. Because it was this trial that was on global display, for all their jewish media to report on. This set the precedence for the Holo-Religion to begin. From this fake trial the whole world would be put on a mass guilt trip.

15. Why the tattoos?

Why the hell would you go to the effort to tattoo people whom you intended to murder? Or is that a silly question? I really would like to hear the explanation for this. I have heard that the nasty Nazis first used the jews as labour, and burnt them out, then destroyed them. But would you really go to the effort of constantly replacing and re-training your work force? And as discussed the costs and time involved in destroying this work force would be phenomenal in war times. Why not just look after your work force (as the Germans did) in order get better production from them? Logic.

16. Pits and Piles

(i) Where are the mass death pits that the jews speak of? And how about the tons and tons of ash piles? Where are they? Remember we are talking large volumes here. We’re talking SIX FKN MILLION. That is a hell of a lot remnants of connective tissue, sinew, cartilage, and bone mass. Where is the evidence of the crime scene?

Oh of course – it’s been covered up. By the jews. With memorial stones scattered all across the supposed areas of pits. Of course for ethical reasons. With the jewish-controlled BBC explaining to us …

No excavation was carried out and the ground was not disturbed, which would be a violation of Jewish law and tradition, banning the exhumation of the dead.”

Arhhh, how convenient.

(ii) And how could the bodies be burned on soil which was basically marshland? Soaked boggy landscape. I’m not saying it would be impossible, if structures were built, and engineered drainage carried out, but where is the evidence of these structures and accommodation for this perfect environment?

There have been tentative scientific experiments on locations of these supposed death pits. But zero evidence has been produced for mass graves or mass body ash. Surprise surprise.

17. Logistics

(i) The simple logistics of killing people in ovens or pretend shower rooms and huge fires is almost childlike in its imagination. Only a jew could have the chutzpah to come up with such utter crap and expect the world to believe him (it).

Just pause. Stop for a minute and think about the practicality of murdering SIX MILLION jooos by ovens or pretend shower rooms or fire pits. It’s insane to go along with this narrative. This couldn’t be done even today with modern technology in the time span this was supposed to have been done in. Never mind in war time, when the Germans were fighting an intense war, with limited resources. Just the time alone would be a factor, even if they did have the facilities and fuel.

(ii) And what about the contamination of the Zyklon B gas from the corpses to the SS officers when they went into the shower/gas rooms? There is no mention of ventilation facilities to omit the gas prior to the officers entering the chambers and handling the corpses. Remember we are talking about a 24/7 schedule running non stop for years. Yet zero reported deaths of SS officers. Strange that.

18. Absurdity

Shrunken heads – that turned out to be a fabrication. Soap bars – that again were later verified as a mere conjecture (I always pondered why the Nazis would want to wash with Jew residue if they hated them so much). And of course the classic lampshade – ha, the lampshades made from tattooed kikeskin pervaded on display at The Hague and Nuremberg (later verified as animal skins).

And how about the sign at Dachau reading: GAS CHAMBER – disguised as a “shower room” – never used as a gas chamber. Ahahaha. Oh if it wasn’t so serious. And the swimming pool sign stating it was a water reservoir.

And how about the Anne Frank’s fairy story written in Biro pen when Biros were extremely rare to come by before 1951.

And tell me how could these survivors escape three ‘death’ camps? What a fkn joke.

And the story of Irene Zisblatt swallowing and defecating diamonds. Only a jew could come up with a shitty narrative like that.

Apparently the evil Nazis bashed jew’s brains in with a pedal-driven brain-basing machine, whilst listening to the radio; then burned the bodies in 4 portable incinerators. 🙂 🙂 This is laugh out loud humour.

They also ground the bones of 200 bodies [3/4 ton] at one time as described in photographs and documents (which have conveniently disappeared) – studied bone grinding in special 10-day crash-course seminars. Ha ha ha.

Absurd, absurd, absurd. To the point of being laughable. And this is what the whole world should be doing with this ridiculous fable – laugh out loud at it. Ridicule is our serious defence against this insult to common sense.

19. Fat Jews

You’ve undoubtedly seen the images of the poor emaciated jews… again and again and again. But Have you seen the images of the smiling fat jews in the concentration camps? I am being serious. Start digging. Start to unravel the Truth about this historical fable and you will see another side to this. Take a look at the healthy jews being released from Birkenau and Auschwitz in January 1945. These were images of happy campers. Not oppressed victims of experimentation and death camps.

20. Suddenly evil

If Hitler and his motley gang of evil jew-murderers were hell bent on killing jews, why oh why did Hitler not round up ALL the jews in his country? Why on earth did he leave the synagogues and jewish communities? Why did he just round up the trouble makers and communists (who just happened to be 90% jewish)?

The most puzzling thing to me when hearing about Hitler’s death camps and having visited Dachau is that I could never understand why the Germans, as a race and nation, allowed such atrocities. Especially years later when I lived in Germany and got to really know the Germans and observed first hand how stoic and good willed they all were. How? How could a civilised, intelligent, kind-hearted nation with such affinity to natural law allow such evil under their national interest? Why would they suddenly go off on a tangent for a few years and become mass murdering monsters? I think many of us have been confused on that one.

Well they didn’t is the answer to that. Because they and their leaders were certainly not evil – quite the reverse. Hitler wasn’t evil. The SS officers were not evil. NSDAP was not evil. The common folk of Germany were not evil. And the nation as a whole held no evil philosophies. It’s all a jewish-created fabrication, pushed out there by the saturation of jewish-run Hollywood illusion and mass indoctrination. Lies, lies, lies.

It is our responsibility to stand up for the souls of these German heroes. For the present day Germans who are to this day being decimated by jewish perfidy. It is also our responsibility to stand up for the Truth, for our Aryan folk and for our future. This enormous lie on humanity must be crushed before we can begin to talk about our freedoms.

Please do your bit to spread this Truth.

Come on people. Isn’t it time we finally put our emotions to one side and embrace not only true history and science; but reason, common sense and a bit of logic?

2+2 will never be 5, despite the mainstream media, legal system and repeater zombies all around us telling us it is.

Further information on this topic

Amended History

Film: Hellstorm

Egyptian Storefront Advertises Adolf Hitler the Cockroach Killer

A storefront in Egypt is advertising the services of Hitler the cockroach killer, according to a copy of the sign posted on Facebook.

“Here Only,” states the Arabic sign, which also bears a swastika and a picture of the Führer raising the traditional NS salute. “A salute to the respectable Egyptian peoples from the German Hitler.” “The anti-Semitic advertisement is a reminder that anti-Semitism continues to thrive and grow in Egypt even under its more moderate government”, jews say.

“Hitler: Burns Cockroaches,” it reads, according to a translation provided to the Washington Free Beacon. The picture was first posted on the Facebook page of Egyptian journalist Wael Abbas.

While Egypt’s government has adopted a more moderate pro-Western attitude since the rise of current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, experts say that “the storefront sign is a prime example of how anti-Semitism still flourishes in Egypt”.

The sign is “obviously intended to bring to mind the gas chambers,” explained Samuel Tadros, an Egypt expert and research fellow at the Hudson Institute.

“No one uses the word ‘burn’ cockroaches, at least not in Egypt,” Tadros said. “We would say: ‘kill’, or ‘exterminate’, but ‘burn’?”

“The whole thing is meant to remind you of the Holocaust,” he said. “That this is posted by a shop owner as a way of promoting his product, tells you all you need to know about how soaked Egypt is in anti Semitism.”

In the time since al-Sisi was elected, some Egyptians have used anti-Semitism as a way to delegitimize his government.

“Sisi is Jewish and Egypt is now under Zionist occupation,” wrote one newspaper in 2013, according to an article on the topic penned recently by Tadros.

The Muslim Brotherhood, members of which have been tossed in jail and tried since al-Sisi came to power, has pushed the meme that al-Sisi is a secret Jew who is carrying out a Zionist agenda, according to Tadros.

“That anti-Semitism and its accompanying conspiracy theories are deeply embedded in Egyptian Islamist discourse is no surprise for those familiar with Egypt or Islamism, though familiarity does not lessen one’s astonishment at the bizarre and convoluted nature of the claims made in these and other stories,” Tadros wrote.

“Anti-Semitism,” he continues, “is not only a dominant discourse in the country, but is rather the only common worldview shared throughout its political spectrum and among all levels of Egypt’s political class.”

(Free Beacon)

Hess Brought Hitler’s Peace Offer to Britain in 1941

It was one of the most perplexing episodes of the Second World War which, more than 70 years on, remains shrouded in mystery.

But a new book claims to have solved the riddle of the flight to Britain in 1941 of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy. Hess’s journey to Britain by fighter aircraft to Scotland has traditionally been dismissed as the deranged solo mission of a madman. But Peter Padfield, an historian, has uncovered evidence he says shows that, Hess, the deputy Fuhrer, brought with him from Adolf Hitler, a detailed peace treaty, under which the Reich would withdraw from western Europe.

The existence of such a document was revealed to him by an informant who claims that he and other German speakers were called in by MI6 to translate the treaty for Churchill.

The figure, who is not named by Mr Padfield, was an academic who later worked at a leading university. He has since died. Before his death, he passed on an account of how the group were assembled at the BBC headquarters, in Portland Place, London, to carry out the task.

The academic said Hess had brought with him the proposed peace treaty, expressed in numbered clauses and typed on paper from the German Chancellery. An English translation was also included, but the British also wanted the original German translated.

The informant said the first two pages of the treaty detailed Hitler’s precise aims in Soviet Union, followed by sections detailing how Britain could keep its independence, Empire and armed services, and how the National Socialists would withdraw from western Europe. The treaty proposed a state of “wohlwollende Neutralitat” – rendered as “well wishing neutrality”, between Britain and Germany, for the latter’s offensive against the Soviet. The informant even said the date of the Hitler’s coming attack on the east was disclosed.

Mr Padfield, who makes the claims in a new book, Hess, Hitler and Churchill, said: “This was not a renegade plot. Hitler had sent Hess and he brought over a fully developed peace treaty for Germany to evacuate all the occupied countries in the West.”

Mr Padfield, who has previously written a biography of Hess as well as ones of Karl Dönitz and Heinrich Himmler, believes the treaty was suppressed at the time, because it would have scuppered Churchill’s efforts to get the USA into the war, destroyed his coalition of exiled European governments, and weakened his position domestically, as it would have been seized on by what the author believes was a sizeable “negotiated peace” faction in Britain at that time. At the same time, since the mission had failed, it also suited Hitler to dismiss Hess as a rogue agent.

There is no mention of the treaty in any of the official archives which have since been made public, but Mr Padfield believes this is because there has been an ongoing cover-up to protect the reputations of powerful figures. The author says that his informant broke off contact with him after approaching his former masters in the security services.

Mr Padfield has also assembled other evidence to support the existence of the treaty and its contents – as well as the subsequent cover-up.

He has established that two inventories were taken of items carried by Hess when he was arrested after parachuting out of his aircraft, a Messerschmitt 110, on the evening of May 10 1941, near Eaglesham, outside of Glasgow. Neither has ever been released.

He has found witness statements from a woman living near where Hess had landed, which indicate that police were “ordered to search for a valuable document which was missing”. The item, according to the witness, was found “over near the wee burn in the park”.

Mr Padfield also points out that Hess had used a specialist translator from the German Foreign Ministry – even though he had the use of another, fluent English speaker – when drawing up documents for his negotiations with the British, before his flight. This suggests, Mr Padfield claims, that approved wording was required for the documents.

Hess was kept captive in Britain until the end of the war when he was returned to Germany to stand trial at Nuremberg. He was sent to Spandau Prison where he killed by British agents in 1987. The authorities said he had committed suicide, although his son and some historians have claimed the British state had him murdered to protect secrets.

Read more: Martyr Rudolf Hess was Murdered by British Agents in Spandau Prison

Adolf Hitler: England Does Not Want Peace – 8th November 1939 (VIDEO)


Adolf Hitler speaks about war with England and how his peace offers were refused by Churchill, and he thus, will have to reply to Churchill in the language he understands, that of all out war.

He says he regrets that the French have now allied themselves with the English “war mongers” and in service to them, but that he does not fear the one-front war with them and is confident of victory and that Germany will never capitulate regardless of how long the war lasts. Hitler spoke of German national unity under NS leadership.

He spoke of the Non-Aggression pact with the Soviets and how it was a triumph of reason, not policy. He spoke of the high cost of previous wars with Russia and how these profited no one, and he adds that, we will not do the gentleman in Paris and London the same favour of fighting each other again for their benefit. He speaks of German national unity under National Socialism and re-iterates that Germany will never capitulate. He speaks of how the war mongers Chamberlain and Churchill had goaded Poland into war with Germany, saying that “England backed them up, propped them up and incited the Poles to war”, that there would have been no war with Poland but for the British. He goes on to say that the war is about the “program” of National Socialism which wants nothing more than “to secure the lives of the German people and the existence of Germany in the world” and this is and was always the “first commandment of the National Socialist faith” and how this is “a duty unto death for all National Socialists”.

“Racial Intolerance” Spreading among White Youth of Finland, Liberal Extremist Professor Warns

Studies show Finnish boys to hold the most negative attitudes towards non-white immigrants out of 38 white countries, says academic, who criticises schools for not doing more to get youngsters involved in democracy and openly discuss social and religious issues. 


An associate professor from the University of Jyväskylä has warned that levels of racial intolerance among Finnish boys have been rising since the turn of the millennium.

Speaking on youth attitudes at the Central Finland Future Forum conference, Sakari Suutarinen said that an international comparison found that Finnish boys held the most intolerant views towards immigrants out of 38 countries studied.

”School attainment tests show that over recent decades critical attitudes towards immigrants are growing in Finland among young boys, and that the same group has negative attitudes towards all other ethnic groups,” Suutarinen said.

He added that anti-immigrant feeling among young people has hardened since the turn of the millennium.

Suutarinen went on to call on both immigrant communities as well as the majority population to act against growing divisions within society.

”It’s entirely right to demand from our Muslim population that they sit up and take notice of possible youth radicalisation, for instance. Muslim society must take steps to stop people leaving for war, and must take responsibility for spreading peace. The same also applies of course to the majority population,” he said.

Suutarinen criticised schools for not doing more to encourage understanding between different sections of the population. “I believe it is a real shame that for instance Muslims and Christians are divided into separate religious studies classes at school. It’s extremely rare to find this in a western country,” he said.

He called on schools to do more to encourage understanding, and give young people an outlet to discuss and explore their views on difficult social issues.

”One solution is to go back to speaking about these issues in school. When we don’t have a school democracy where on earth can young people go to talk and form common ideas and take part in a democratic process?”

He added: “There’s a vast difference with other Nordic countries, where they have school councils. In Finland they are being driven down. Fortunately we are still obliged by law to have student bodies, but their remits are significantly more limited.”

Suutarinen also pointed to research which claims that increasing young people in Finland say they are disposed to take part in antisocial behaviour.

In studies of school attainment, Suutarinen said around 10 percent of young people have described themselves as being “ready to take part in illegal activity”. Over two percent said they are critical towards immigrants and towards their rights. This represents a sharp increase since the year 2000, Suutarinen said.

He said that youth attitudes do not necessarily lead to illegal behaviour, but that they risk being inflamed should the right social or economic circumstances emerge.

”For example if the situation in one area deteriorates then a large group of young people could very quickly find themselves turning to antisocial behaviour,” he warned.

Dan Lederman (Kike) elected chairman of South Dakota Republican Party

(JTA) — Former South Dakota State Sen. Dan Lederman was elected the state’s new Republican Party chairman.

The vote Saturday, in which Lederman unseated incumbent chairwoman Pam Roberts, was 73 to 53.

Lederman becomes the first candidate for the job in recent memory to win without the governor’s endorsement, the local newspaper the Argus Leader reported.

Lederman decided to run early last month. In April 2015, he resigned his state senate seat in mid-term in order to spend more time with his family. At the time, he did not discount running for office in the future,

“He’s somebody who clearly could be governor, congressman, senator,” Matt Brooks, the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, told JTA in a 2011 interview. “He’s somebody who is totally committed to his constituents.”

Jean-Marie Le Pen charged with inciting hatred for anti-Semitic statements

French far-right party Front National founder and honorary president Jean-Marie Le Pen looking on at the foot of a statue of Joan of Arc during the party’s annual rally in honor of Joan of Arc in Paris, May 1, 2015. (Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images)

(JTA) — Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of France’s far-right National Front party, has been charged with inciting hatred for anti-Semitic statements he made in 2014.

His lawyer announced the charges on Saturday, the French news agency AFP reported. Attorney Frederic Joachim said Le Pen’s comments had been cut during editing and misinterpreted.

Le Pen, 88, said in a video posted on the party website in June 2014 that “next time we will put him in an oven” when asked about French singer Patrick Bruel’s criticisms of the party. Bruel is Jewish. In the video, Le Pen attacked a number of critics of the party.

Le Pen reportedly had used similar wordplay in the past,” using the word “fournee” for “batch,” evoking the word “four,” which means “oven.”

He has a history of convictions for “inciting racial hatred” and Holocaust denial. He once described the gas chambers in Nazi death camps as a historical “detail.”

Le Pen’s daughter, Marine, currently heads the party and is running for French president. Marine Le Pen has sought to gain mainstream acceptance for the National Front by distancing herself and the anti-immigrant party from her father’s anti-Semitic rhetoric. In May 2015 Jean-Marie Le Pen was suspended from the party, and later expelled for his Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic speech. A court in November said the party must allow him to retain the title of honorary president, however. Jean-Marie Le Pen has since disowned his daughter.


WHAT IF, Csanád Szegedi wants to know, pondering the subtleties of halacha, a Jewish man gets circumcised only as an adult and, being under anesthesia during the procedure, can’t recite the requisite blessing? Is his circumcision still halachically valid?

And what if, he inquires next, exhibiting restless curiosity, the surgeon isn’t Jewish? Oh, and can an uncircumcised Jew be called up to the Torah in shul?


Szegedi, 34, a former Member of the European Parliament for Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party, is sitting in the study of Rabbi Baruch Oberlander, a Lubavitcher Hasid who is head of the ultra-Orthodox Chabad movement’s Jewish outreach mission in Budapest. The two are flanked by towering bookshelves packed wall to wall, in a spacious, parquet-floored apartment boasting fifteen-feet high ceilings, with countless leatherbound tomes of rabbinical exegesis and Talmudic scholarship. Hasidic sages of yore gaze solemnly at them from sepia portraits on the wall. Behind them, a large window opens onto Budapest’s famed Dohány Street Synagogue, which looms just a few meters away next door.

Every Friday morning, Szegedi, an erstwhile anti-Semite who discovered he was a Jew by descent in 2012, comes to study with Oberlander to learn about Jews and Judaism for an hour or two. In an atmosphere of casual bonhomie, the rabbi and his pupil shoot the breeze, discussing this and that but never straying far from matters of Jewish interest: Moses, Abraham, the Torah, Zionism, life in Israel.

Today, they start off with Shabbat prohibitions pertaining to hospital visits, apropos a visit Szegedi made to an ailing friend. Then it’s on to the topic of brit mila, a subject that likewise interests Szegedi who himself underwent the procedure only recently. They proceed to touch on bits and pieces from the Zohar, the Jewish legal code Shulchan Aruch, and Maimonides’ “Guide for the Perplexed.”

In between, they banter jovially.

“It’s like an addiction with you, collecting books,” Szegedi chides Oberlander, 51, a slight, bookish man with the studious mien of a lifelong bibliophile. “I remember going to a bookstore with you in Jerusalem,” Szegedi elucidates. “You were like a naughty child who wanted everything that took his fancy!” Their laughter bounces off the booklined walls.

As radical transformations go, Szegedi’s has been one for the storybooks. Here he is, fraternizing with an ultra-Orthodox rabbi, versing himself in the ins and outs of Jewish law, and toying with the idea of moving to Israel, a country he’s visited repeatedly. Yet, only a few years ago, the very same man despised Jews, viewing them as a sinister cabal of scheming spoilers, congenital malefactors and cosmopolitan fifth-columnists who stood in the way of Hungary’s rightful aspirations as a proud and prosperous Christian nation at the heart of Europe.

Szegedi’s wild-eyed notions of Jews were in line with the nativist platform that has formed the backbone of Jobbik’s populist appeal in the Central European nation – a platform he did much to formulate and disseminate for a decade as one of the prominent nationalist party’s most visible and outspoken leaders.

“I saw Jews as a monolithic group,” Szegedi tells The Jerusalem Report. “When I thought of a Jew, I thought of a greedy, hunchbacked, hook-nosed banker.”

In a country where anti-Semitism is rife, many others have seen Jews as such caricatures straight out of lurid anti-Semitic phantasmagorias. Jobbik (The Movement for a Better Hungary), which Szegedi helped found as a right-wing Christian youth movement in 2002 while still a college student, has sought to tap into such latent hatreds through a potent brew of nativism and scapegoating.

During his service to the causes of irredentism and chauvinism, Szegedi routinely played on such base instincts among disgruntled Hungarians by harping on the notion of Magyar victimhood at the hands of sinister foreign influences. A charismatic politician and gifted orator who stood at 6’2” and sported winsome features with a trim goatee, he did so ad nauseam during full-throated tirades at the party’s mass rallies; in the country’s parliament where he became a member for Jobbik at age 26 in 2008; and on television chat shows. He blamed the Jews for whatever he thought was wrong with the world ‒ the tyranny of communism in the past, the excesses of Western capitalism, the supranational mandate of the European Union, the machinations of Israel.

“Over the past 20 years,” he fulminated in one televised diatribe, “they [the Jews] have desecrated our Holy Crown, they have ridiculed the [medieval Catholic relic] Holy Right Hand.” He ploughed on, talking over a visibly discomfited talk show host, “Don’t tell me you don’t know that a Jewish rabbi insulted us by belittling our national heritage.”

And this despite the fact, he added, warming to his theme, that “all Jewry has ever given humanity was a dusty stone tablet.” (He meant the Ten Commandments.)

NOR DID Szegedi have much patience for Jewish suffering and collective memory. “I have to listen to the Jews whining about the Holocaust day after day as if it had been my fault,” he recalls insisting to anyone who cared to listen. “OK, some Jews were killed in the war. So what? Many other people were killed, too.” In other words, he didn’t deny the Holocaust outright (at least in public), as many members of Jobbik did and still do; he just could not care less about it.

“The more I got immersed in Jobbik, the more I came to despise Jews and Gypsies,” Szegedi recalls. A personable man with an alert intelligence, he discusses his extremist past with refreshing candor. “We started out as a conservative youth movement, but by 2006 we began to hew fully to the far-right,” the erstwhile Hungarian nationalist explains. “We wanted to fill in an ideological vacuum by representing an increasingly radicalized group of Hungarians who wanted to find scapegoats for the country’s troubles. We saw it was working.”

Before long, he and his fellow Jobbik leaders decided to “let the ghost out of the bottle” and openly embrace an ideological territory that had hitherto been occupied only by skinheads and neo-Nazis. In August 2007, Szegedi, by now a full-blown Hungarian nationalist with staunchly irredentist, nativist and anti- Semitic views, helped found the Hungarian Guard, a quasi-fascist paramilitary wing for his Jobbik party. The Guard’s ideology (revanchism aimed at reclaiming Magyar lands lost to neighbors in World War I), insignias (the heraldry of Hungary’s founding dynasty) and uniforms (black tunics with matching black caps) were all modelled purposefully on those of the Arrow Cross Party, a wartime fascist movement that played a pivotal role in the murder of 600,000 Hungarian Jews in 1944 during its short reign of terror.

The Guard was disbanded two years later by a Hungarian court for violating the rights of minorities. Undaunted, self-styled guardsmen who pledged to “protect a defenseless Hungary” continued to stage meetings and rallies unofficially. “We always tried to push the boundaries,” Szegedi recalls. “We played a double game. We imitated the wartime fascists” – to send clear signals to members of the extremist right in the country – “but we also insisted publicly that we were just Hungarian patriots.”

Such purposeful misdirection has been part of Jobbik’s modus operandi ever since. The party, which is the country’s third largest with a fifth of the votes and runs on a platform of ethnic exclusivism with slogans like “Only the Nation!” and “Hungary is for Hungarians,” continues to stoke virulent anti-Jewish animus in the country, but it regularly does so under a pretense of plausible deniability by referring to Jews obliquely with code words like “cosmopolitans,” “foreign interests” and “alien influences.” In the same vein, Gábor Vona, 38, the party’s photogenic leader and Szegedi’s former friend, has tried to rebrand himself as a loving soul by posing for campaign posters with cute puppies and kittens.

Jobbik has been decidedly pro-Palestinian – not out of love for Palestinian Arabs, but out of spite at Israelis. That, though, was contrary to Szegedi’s wishes. When the party’s leaders, himself included, sat down to decide what official stance to adopt on the Middle East conflict, he counselled a pro- Israel stance, in vain.

“That wasn’t because I liked Israel,” he says. “It was because I was worried that if anything happened to it, all those Israeli Jews would become refugees and start flooding into Hungary,” he confesses, laughing. “But I wasn’t a raving skinhead fanatic,” he adds.
“I tried to approach the issue of Jews intellectually.”

As the extremist party’s mass appeal grew, so did Szegedi’s star rise.

In 2009, a year after he had become a member of Hungary’s parliament (“one of the happiest days of my life”), he became a member of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, where he showed up wearing the Hungarian National Guard’s black peasant- style tunic, much to the puzzlement of other MPs, some of whom took him at first to be a janitor. By then, he had also established himself as a leading proponent of Turanism, a quasi-mystical concept of Hungarian nationhood with strong ethnic nationalist overtones.

He did so in part by peddling ultra-nationalist wear and kitschy knick-knacks with far-right symbols at a shop he owned. He also formed a media company with Vona to publish Jobbik propaganda, including Bar!kád (Barricade), a bombastic newsweekly with plenty of anti-Jewish and anti-Gypsy innuendo.

The following year, his party finished third in national elections, earning itself more than 855,000 popular votes (in a country of less than 10 million) and 47 seats in the country’s 386-seat parliament. Szegedi was on a roll as an increasingly popular (and notorious) farright firebrand.

Then, in 2012, came the proverbial twist in the tale: the Hungarian nationalist who feared and despised Jews turned out to be a feared and despised Jew himself.

A disgruntled acquaintance with neo-Nazi sympathies who had been nursing a grudge against Szegedi confronted the Jobbik politician with a damning bit of news: Szegedi’s elderly maternal grandmother, née Magdolna Klein, was Jewish – and hence so was Szegedi himself, according to Jewish law. Not only that, but she was a survivor of Auschwitz with a concentration camp identification number tattooed on a forearm to prove it.

Szegedi says he was, at first, incredulous. “My grandmother is blonde and blue-eyed. How could she be Jewish?” he remembers thinking. “Then I looked in the mirror,” he goes on, “and I thought, ‘This is not what a Jew looks like.’”

But his accuser insisted that he had irrefutable proof: he had somehow obtained a copy of the birth certificate of Szegedi’s grandmother, which listed her as a Jew. Szegedi was nonplussed. His grandmother, whom he had assumed to be an ethnic Magyar and a good Christian, had never let on about her Jewish heritage, much less her wartime experiences in a Nazi concentration camp.

Yet, when he quizzed her, she confirmed his fears. She was indeed born a Jew and was deported to Auschwitz in 1944, along with hundreds of thousands of other Hungarian Jews. She had chosen to keep quiet about it – she explained in a chat with her grandson, which the latter recorded on video for posterity – in case Hungarians might one day decide to come again for Jews like her living within their midst. She always wore shirts with long sleeves to hide her Auschwitz tattoo. “She didn’t want to be Jewish anymore,” Szegedi says. “My mother knew, but she felt the same so she didn’t tell me and my brother.”

SZEGEDI ALSO learned that his late grandfather, whom his grandmother married after the war, was Jewish, too. He was chainganged into a Jewish labor battalion in 1942 and barely survived. By the war’s end, the once tall and well-built man, who was suffering from typhus, had turned into a living skeleton. His first wife had by then perished in Auschwitz, along with his two young children.

Suddenly, the Holocaust, until now someone else’s tragedy, of which he had been contemptuous, became all too personal for Szegedi.

“It all felt like I had been stabbed in the heart,” he recalls. “I’d never thought the Holocaust was a national tragedy [for Hungary],” he explains. “I saw it as a distorted and falsified version of history,” which the Jews exploited to foist a sense of national shame and collective guilt onto Hungarians.

But now he realized that members of his own family had been victims of it. “I took it badly,” he says. “I had two young children of my own. I sank into a severe depression.”

At first, Szegedi tried to hush up the matter of his Jewish ancestry, allegedly even trying to bribe his accuser into silence – a charge he denies. Before long, however, the contents of his Jewish grandmother’s birth certificate became public knowledge after a right-wing website posted it online.

The populist politician’s carefully crafted self-image as an “authentic” Magyar with impeccable ethnic credentials began to unravel in the full glare of publicity. His friends in Jobbik turned on him, accusing him of being a saboteur and agent provocateur who had infiltrated their ranks knowingly as part of a clandestine Jewish plot to destroy the party from within. At one point, after he delivered a pro-Israel speech in the European Parliament while still nominally a Jobbik politician, scores of skinheads and Jobbik stalwarts showed up outside his house in Budapest calling for his head and chanting “Death to Jews!”

His political career was over.

“I was experiencing a crisis of identity with my career in ruins, my convictions shattered,” Szegedi recalls. “I realized I’d been living a lie. I was feeling physically ill.” He felt as if, by having been outed as Jewish, he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness – a new identity that was like a death sentence in his social and political circles. “I became the last thing I’d ever wanted to be,” he says. “But if you fear something you have to face that fear, and I dreaded being Jewish.”

To “sort my head out,” he decided to turn to the source of all his troubles: the Jews.

He found the contact details of a Chabad rabbi in Budapest – a bearded, black-hatted man whom he regarded as the most obvious manifestation of a Jew. By then, the juicy story of a right-wing anti-Semite who learns he is Jewish had become international news, which made him feel even more like a pariah and a laughingstock. “I wanted to hide, but I became a center of attention,” he notes.

After agonizing over the matter for a few days, Oberlander agreed to see Szegedi. “He was a broken person. I’d never met someone so lost,” the rabbi recalls. “His whole identity, his whole being had been shattered to pieces. Imagine spending your life denigrating a family, then having to learn that you’re a member of that same family,” he explains. “Csanád was a man who needed help and I couldn’t turn him away.”

OBERLANDER, THE American-born son of Hungarian Holocaust survivors, told Szegedi about Jews and Judaism, and invited him to his Orthodox synagogue in downtown Budapest. “It wasn’t a popular decision,” the rabbi says. “Many people weren’t happy. Some of them walked out in protest when Csanád entered.”

Szegedi wasn’t all that happy being there, either. He felt like a cornered animal with nowhere to hide. “When I put the kippa on my head for the first time, I felt it was burning into my scalp,” he says, somewhat melodramatically. “It was giving me a headache.”

Yet, he persisted. Perhaps subconsciously, having been ostracized in one tightly knit social circle, he was now seeking to anchor himself in another so as to avail himself of the comforting certainties of a newfound identity that he had not wanted but now began to embrace just the same. His detractors, who included both Jews and right-wing nationalists, accused him of trying to pull off a brazen publicity stunt to save his political career by conspicuously metamorphosing from loudmouth anti-Semite into repentant Jew.

Oberlander, too, was initially skeptical of Szegedi’s sincerity. “I prayed I’d made the right decision by helping him,” the Lubavitcher says. “I prayed he wouldn’t disappoint me.”

So far, he hasn’t. In 2013, Szegedi had his bar mitzvah in the company of several ultra- Orthodox rabbis at Oberlander’s residence. The erstwhile anti-Semite chose the Jewish name Dovid for himself, and soon he also had his brit mila, at the hands of an ultra- Orthodox mohel. “I felt elated,” Szegedi says. “I was the first person in my family to have had it since my grandfather, who was born in 1902.”

He began to keep Shabbat and kosher – albeit both after a fashion. On the side, he repaired his great-grandmother’s tomb, which had languished forgotten and neglected in a Jewish cemetery.

“There’s a concept in Judaism called teshuva [repentance],” Oberlander explains.

“There’s no question that Csanád has a real interest in making amends and becoming a better person.”

During a visit to Auschwitz, where he travelled to see the death camp for himself, Szegedi realized that the site where the crematoria had once stood was the closest he would ever get to a proper resting place for his grandfather’s two murdered children, who were around the same age when they were gassed as his own two sons, five and eight, are today. He also realized that the horrific stories about the death camp, which he had previously dismissed as tall tales, were, in fact, true.

Next, he flew to Israel, where he says he was overwhelmed by the can-do spirit of Israelis.

“They’ve built a country from scratch!” he enthuses. “You ride down this busy eightlane highway in a place where until recently there was nothing but sand. In Hungary, you have to wait years for a new road to be built, and it’s usually a measly little two-lane thing.”

Szegedi’s wife, who isn’t Jewish, has been fully supportive and is in the process of converting to Judaism. The couple is considering making aliyah with their two children.

His father, though, took rather more convincing to accept his son’s embrace of his Jewish roots. A well-known artisan and woodcarver, Miklós Szegedi comes from a long line of ethnic Magyars and inculcated his dislike of Jews into his two sons from an early age. “My father was… how should we put it?… skeptical of Jews,” his son explains.

To allay his father’s misgivings, Csanád decided to take Miklós on a visit to Israel, a country that Szegedi père had never fancied much. On the plane, Csanád put on his kippa and turned to his father, teasing his old man, “Dad, from now on please call me Dovid.
And did I tell you I’ve had my circumcision?” Szegedi chuckles at the memory. “My father found it hard to come to terms with [the new me],” he says. “He felt he had lost his son.”

The older Szegedi has since reconciled himself to his son’s newly minted identity, yet theirs is hardly the only family in Hungary that has found itself discovering Jewish skeletons in their ostensibly “pure” Magyar closets. “This Csanád case is like a caricature of a common Hungarian story – the parents not telling their kids they’re Jews and the kids not knowing they’re Jewish until they somehow find out,” Oberlander notes. “I have people calling me regularly, saying ‘Rabbi, I’m Jewish. What should I do?’”

As if on cue, his phone rings. At the other end of the call is a man who has just learned he is Jewish on his father’s side and wants to know what he should do. “See, just like I said!” Oberlander chortles.

As for Szegedi, he insists he has no regrets. Sure, he’s never going to make it in right-wing politics as he once hoped, but he’s had a new world open up to him. “As a far-right politician I used to see the world in black and white,” he explains. “Now, I can see the colors. When you discover you’re Jewish, you discover a whole new world ‒ Jewish religion, Jewish literature, Jewish culture….”

On the downside, he’s also discovered that he stands no chance of joining the global Jewish conspiracy he once believed lent Jews immense financial and political power.

“I am sorrowfully experiencing that I was wrong and Jews don’t, in fact, control the world,” Szegedi says and laughs.