Day: February 1, 2017

The Evolution Of Prostitution



Earlier tonight, I took a great lady out on a date near an African restaurant in the southwest portion of the city.  I had no idea that the area was STILL a hotbed of prostitution once the lights went down.  How strange indeed that an area that has always been a hotbed of prostitution remains an area filled with prostitution.  Of course, the city of Houston knows about this, but the focus of the cops has turned to busting down online prostitutes featured on websites like Backpage and Craiglist.  Undercover officers have been trying to sting prostitutes using these websites by soliciting these women, but the women have grown wise to such tactics and continue to post on their advertisements page that any such plans to solicit them as undercover officers is entrapment.  Now I am very unsure if such public announcements work but after doing several interviews with such ladies, I can attest to the fact that their biggest fear isn’t being caught by the cops (usually such charges carry a misdemeanor not a felony and can often be pleaded down to probation) but their biggest fear is running into pimps who will use extreme violence to own them and to falsely recruit them as clients.  Often these women will post on their advertisements that they do not want to meet any “thugs” or pimps; often they will post that they will only see certain races (from my own examination, whites and latinos often refuse to see blacks because most black men do not like to use protection in the form of a condom due to nigger behavior and tendencies).

There are still women who are engaging in the oldest form of sexual profits, but now it is often done in the form of advertisements on sex websites instead of whoring themselves out on the streets.  I was shocked to discover that the reason most of the women engage in prostitution is merely to add a small amount of money to their budget.  A lot of these sluts have regular jobs as nurses, customer service representatives, and other respectable jobs, but they often turn to prostitution to pay for student loans, school fees, college education, or to pay for an unexpected bill like repairing their automobiles.  Often I feel that these women are victims of a society that worships money and makes it a priority for them to sell their own bodies and their souls in order to feed and provide for their families.  I am now working on their behalf to try and legalizes prostitution in an effort to tip the scales of the working class.  Why should someone starve merely because they are unwilling or unable to get an education?  If the talent of that person means that they will be able to use their body and sexual prowess to provide for their family, then we should simply allow for them the opportunity to provide for themselves.  That is why I advocate to legalize prostitution, not for my own benefits since I do not engage in such depravity, but to allow for women who lack the basic talents or entrepreneurship the ability to provide for themselves and their family.  For in the end, the only difference between a pornstar and an online prostitute is the camera and the amounts of money each woman will charge for their “companionship”.