Forced Multiculturalism Does NOT Benefit Europeans

There is NOTHING positive about mass immigration. Europeans do not benefit in any way whatsoever. In actual fact Europeans become the victims of rising levels of crime committed as a result of forced multiculturalism.

When an immigrant or a descendent of immigrants tells you that you are a racist for wanting to ensure the survival of your race and culture then laugh in their face and tell them that if protecting the identity of your people is racism then you could think of no better honour than to be called a racist. The term is nothing but a Judeo Bolshevik attack word.

Let’s get one thing straight, these people who come to Europe and who campaign for multiculturalism and immigration are working towards your displacement for the benefit of their own racial and cultural group. They don’t care about you, your country, your children, your culture or your racial identity. You are just something to be conquered. They will smile in your face telling you diversity is your strength and laugh behind your back at your pathetic gullibility because they wouldn’t allow it to happen in their own ancestral homelands. Multiculturalism is demographic conquest and these non-Europeans are the foot soldiers. Mass immigration and multiculturalism are in THEIR interests NOT yours.

When you watch this video count how many times the words ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ are used to describe somebody making a very very important point. Mass sexual assaults are being carried out against European women disproportionately by immigrants and so-called ‘refugees’ yet those pointing this out and trying to do something about it are the ones worthy of criticism apparently.

It doesn’t matter how many European women are attacked and sexually assaulted, it doesn’t matter how many Europeans become the victims of immigrant crime, so long as the multiracial dogma is not jeopardised by the truth.

When immigrants and their leftist enablers say that all groups in society commit crime, then just say that of course it is true, however importing an alien population with a sizeable criminal element is the epitome of insanity. You don’t poor fuel onto a house fire and expect to bring the blaze under control.

We have people like Mohammed Shafiq telling European Nationalists that they have no right to desire a European Europe because it is ‘racist,’ he tells us that Europe is better off for mass immigration, despite the absolute societal chaos, tension, terrorism, displacement, grooming, grooming, rape, race riots, the list is endless. Unfortunately for the likes of Shafiq not all Europeans are so stupid as to fall for his pro mass immigration nonsense.

The war of words and information is part of a much bigger and more crucial conflict of interests between the European people and the non-European hordes who are displacing us. What Nationalists say is true and always has been, forced multiculturalism cannot he rationally defended nor can it be portrayed as a positive for European nations, the response to this is to label any opposition to forced multiculturalism as racist because the Nationalist message which is rooted in reality cannot be argued against by the proponents of an ideology rooted in the pursuit of an unnatural and non-existent utopian ideal. They cannot argue against the visual reality of what forced multiculturalism has wrought upon European nations and people and so resort to their tried and tested methods of labeling people and trying to discredit their message. They never deal with the specifics, they always go on the attack.

Europeans have a right to exist on the continent of Europe as Europeans free from the imposition of state enforced mass immigration and multiculturalism. It’s about time we started advocating this message and holding politicians to account who work towards our gradual demographic annihilation.



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