MK: Anti-Israel group collects data on where Jewish students live on US campuses (VERY GOOD!!!)

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a pro-Palestinian student advocacy group, has been compiling lists of Jewish students on college campuses in North America and detailing their dorm address information, raising fears for the students’ safety, Israel Radio reported on Tuesday.

The radio report said information on the alleged SJP activity was presented to members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, which met Tuesday to discuss efforts to boycott Israel by anti-Israel groups at US colleges.

Knesset member Anat Berko (Likud) reiterated the claim in an Israel Radio interview after the committee meeting, specifying that SJP has been collecting information on where Jews live at New York University among others.

She also said it had become almost impossible for speakers like herself to address students on campus in the United States without enduring protests and worse. “There is no academic freedom… no freedom of expression” on university campuses in the west in general, and the US in particular, said Berko.

The head of the committee, Likud MK Avi Dichter, said Israel “has a commitment [to protect] every Jew when they are attacked for being a Jew,” and pledged Israel would help combat campus efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state.



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