Month: June 2016

Silverhill Will Accept ZERO “Refugees” Peacefully


Last month the Zog targeted Silverhill, Alabama, the small town of 706 residents where this newspaperoriginates, telling us that its Office of Refugee Resettlement is about to introduce “cultural enrichment” into our back yard. We aren’t swallowing that pill.

The First Freedom contacted the office of U. S. Senator Jeff Sessions with:

Please state your position on the Zog’s intent to house illegal immigrants at Silverhill and Elberta. How far will you go to back citizens’ initiatives that aren’t tied down by the protocols governing Obama’s every move?

We got no response. U. S. Senator Richard Shelby and U. S. Representative Bradley Byrne, same request, similar lack of interest or notice at all.

Admittedly the wording posed a loaded question they can’t answer the usual way, and deliberately so. Politics makes strange bedfellows. The problem has nothing to do with “our” delegates to government. These are like windblown autumn leaves, and can only reckon with that driving force which they know is the Zionist mediacracy. Defy it and you’re outta there.

O, the ruling cabal will tolerate a token “Dr. No” like ex-Congressman Ron Paul or the sitting Senator Jeff Sessions so long as it can bribe or blackmail a majority in each House to do its will. Fact is, today’s media munchkins need that token opposition in order to keep today’s lurid “news” focused away from where the U. S. Department of “Defense” is bombing Rothschild’s single world currency toward acceptance. It pulls us into the voting booths. “Election 2016” and “democracy” simply license a Zionist occupational government to continue right on “servicing” us. Doesn’t matter which wing of that bird you vote for, the Zog’s flight path never changes.

Not to deny the fact that Donald Trump has made us talk about the downside of all this Third World illegal immigration which is long overdue, still he’s a charlatan and directed by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Satan just like those seventeen Republican contenders for U. S. President he succeeded in putting down. Most of his blustering is singularly about dominating the “news” and keeping people “voting” instead of reaching for their pitchforks. If he weren’t performing as a very nervous Zog desires just now, its media could stop fakinghostility to “The Donald,” actually turn on and put him out of business.

Silverhill Mayor Tim Wilson as quoted by The Baldwin Times on June 10 argued,

This is a small community and bringing in 8,000 children effectively doubles the population (of central Baldwin County).

Not only that, but…

Residents near the fields also have their doubts. Mary Lucid lives near Wolf Field and said she is strongly opposed to any refugees coming there. ‘I don’t care if he (Obama) calls them children or minors. You look at pictures of them, these guys have beards. They aren’t minors, they aren’t refugees. They’re illegals and some of them are terrorists from the Middle East,’ Lucid said. ‘We are very concerned about this here. I think this is simply Obama targeting Alabama because our politicians do fight him on Capitol Hill. I don’t think that it’s any coincidence the areas targeted are some of the nicer areas. This will kill our property values and our crime rate will go up.’

She wasn’t quoted as objecting to the cabal that’s destroying this formerly great White Nation. No, it’s puppet Obama that had wrought her anger, and “our” Congress was performing “democratically.”

Next day the news was revised, and now the New York – District of Corruption Axis wanted to flood this area with “only” 2,000 “children.”

NOLF Silverhill is one of two locations where the Office of Refugee Resettlement wants to bring in 2,000 illegal aliens.

The First Freedom quickly printed up its leaflet “Alabama Vigilance: Send them back to Mexico” – handing them out in Elberta and at a hastily-called Baldwin County Commission meeting in Robertsdale to 250 furious citizens having gathered on very short notice. Robertsdale Police Chief Bradley Kendrick advised us to get a special permit from the Alabama Department of Transportation before we distribute them to motorists at traffic stops. Meanwhile we erected a leafleteering tent alongside where five lanes of slow-moving vehicles travel between two City of Foley traffic lights with plenty of parking spaces behind our canopy, setting up a literature table and displaying the Alabama plus the Confederate battle flag. We posted two big curbside placards, one facing each way:

ZERO “refugees”

Passing autos whooped, hollered and gave us the thumbs up, some of them who stopped in saying they couldn’t believe the revolution has finally begun.

Mary Lucid (see above) when invited to join us declared that our leaflet sounded “racist” and declined. Is she a “facilitator”? Others were more receptive in pursuing their interests further than just pleading “heritage not hate” (the eat, meet and retreat routine), who joined us to do something against this outrage before it circumvents a citizen’s every lucid option.

Opined our volunteer William Shwab:

All of those politicians, city, county and State, are in on this thing together.

That may not even be an overstatement. Certainly the NY-DC Axis could never pull off any such stunt without a local stand-down. So, whether they’re just feeling us out or actually think we’ll accept 2,000 illegals here remains the question. Our ad hoc group of vigilantes are telling everyone who stops by to hear more – that the number of “refugees” we’ll accept peacefully is zero.

As replied our Baldwin County Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack to the Zog’s Office of Refugee Resettlement about how it would secure those “refugees” and who’s to keep them on their “temporary” reservations:

If it’s a private security firm, how are they trained and what are their capabilities? You have said you also plan to reach out to law enforcement to hire off-duty folks. That ain’t happening in Baldwin County. I’m not giving up my deputies to work at a private immigration security facility. My biggest concern continues to be the safety and welfare of Baldwin County’s citizens.

Just so. And we citizens aren’t saying what will happen if they try to go through with all this – but civil disobedience would receive a new definition. That’s a hint.

Tex Kline stays busy with us passing out literature while Bobby Alexander keeps on shoving TFF into outreached hands.


Transgender People Will Be Allowed to Serve Openly in Military

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter on Thursday removed one of the final barriers to military service by lifting the Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving openly in the armed forces.

“Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly,” Mr. Carter said. “They can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender.”

The decision pushes forward a transformation of the military that Mr. Carter has accelerated in the last year with the opening of all combat roles to women and the appointment of the first openly gay Army secretary. He made his feelings on ending the transgender ban clear last year, when he called it outdated and ordered officials across the military to begin examining what would need to be done to lift it.

When Mr. Carter ordered that assessment, there were already thousands of transgender people in the military. But until Thursday, most had been forced into an existence shrouded in secrecy to avoid being discharged, a situation much like that faced by gay men, lesbians and bisexuals before the lifting of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in 2011.

Transgender people have “deployed all over the world, serving on aircraft, submarines, forward operating bases and right here in the Pentagon,” Mr. Carter told reporters. “The lack of clear guidelines for how to handle this issue puts the commanders and the service members in a difficult and unfair position.”

For many transgender people, the lack of clarity described by Mr. Carter has resulted in them being forced out of uniform. Army Capt. Sage Fox, 43, was in the reserves when she told her unit that she was transgender in November 2013. A month later, she was placed on inactive status and has not done any reserve duty since.

She called the end of the ban “thrilling news,” and said she expected to be reactivated as a reservist in the coming weeks. She was confident that the military would adapt.
“We’re military officers. We are trained to be adaptable, and I get so frustrated when people think we’re not going to be able to deal with this,” she said in an interview. “You’re on the battlefield, the situation changes in the blink of an eye, we adapt and overcome. That’s what we do.”

Mr. Carter said the Pentagon would cover the medical costs of those in uniform who are seeking to undergo gender transition, though it would expect new recruits who are transgender to spend at least 18 months in their transitioned gender identity before joining the military.

The Pentagon also plans to begin a broad, yearlong training program about the changes for service members up and down the ranks.

The military’s top leaders, including Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were on board with ending the prohibition, Mr. Carter said, although none of the military’s top brass appeared with him for the announcement.

Lifting the ban on transgender people has faced resistance from some at the highest ranks of the military, who have expressed concerns over what they consider to be a social experiment that could potentially harm the military’s readiness and effectiveness in combat.
Document: Study on Policy Implications for Transgender Service Members
When Mr. Carter in July 2015 first ordered the military to begin examining how to lift the ban, he indicated the work would be completed earlier this year. But as winter turned to spring and the ban remained in place, “I think everyone was raising questions about what was going to happen,” said Aaron Belkin, the director of the Palm Center, a research institute that has studied the effects of having gays, lesbians and transgender people in the military.

Still, the announcement on Thursday came faster than Mr. Belkin would have predicted when he began to press for lifting the transgender ban three years ago, after the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“I thought it would take 10 or 15 years” he said.

Mr. Belkin said that the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the opening of combat roles to women and the lifting of the ban on transgender people were “all about the same idea — that job assignments should be based on merit, not about gender identity or sexuality.”

Those within the military who did not feel similarly were unsurprisingly silent on Thursday. Republicans in Congress were not.

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, a Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called for the new policy to not be carried out until Congress could convene hearings. And Representative Mac Thornberry of Texas, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, released a statement saying he would examine “legislative options to address the readiness issues associated with this new policy.”

“Our military readiness — and hence our national security — is dependent on our troops’ being medically ready and deployable,” Mr. Thornberry said. “The administration seems unwilling or unable to assure the Congress and the American people that transgender individuals will meet these individual readiness requirements at a time when our armed forces are deployed around the world.”

But several studies on the issue have concluded that lifting the ban is unlikely to have any appreciable effect on the readiness of the armed forces.

Estimates of the number of transgender service members have varied, but the number most often cited comes from a study by the RAND Corporation and commissioned by Mr. Carter. It found that out of the approximately 1.3 million active-duty service members, an estimated 2,450 were transgender, and that every year, about 65 service members would seek to make a gender transition.

Providing medical care to those seeking to transition would cost $2.9 million to $4.2 million a year for the Pentagon, which spends about $6 billion of its $610 billion annual budget on medical costs for active-duty service members, according to the report, which was completed in March.

The report also said that if the Pentagon did not cover medical procedures like hormone therapy and surgery, transgender service members would probably not seek medical care and could have higher rates of substance abuse and suicide.

Making the announcement on Thursday, Mr. Carter said the Pentagon had studied the experience of allied countries that already allow transgender people to serve in their militaries, such as Britain, Australia and Israel. He also cited the experience of companies such as Boeing and Ford, which offer health insurance policies that cover the costs of gender transitions.

“That’s up from zero companies in 2002,” Mr. Carter said. “Among doctors, employers and insurance companies, providing medical care for transgender individuals is becoming common and normalized in both public and private sectors alike.”
But as much as any practical concern played into the decision, Mr. Carter said it was also “a matter of principle.”

“Americans who want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so,” he said. “After all, our all-volunteer force is built upon having the most qualified Americans. And the profession of arms is based on honor and trust.”

REVEALED: Trump bankrolled a racist ad campaign against Native Americans to protect his casino biz

Donald Trump has shown no reluctance to do bigoted things during his presidential campaign, whether it’s supporting a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. or attacking a “Mexican” judge as being unfit to rule on the Trump University case.

Because of this, it’s not surprising to learn that Trump once bankrolled a racist ad campaign against Native Americans who had just proposed building a casino in upstate New York.

The Los Angeles Times reports that when the St. Regis Mohawk tribe announced plans to build a casino near a racetrack in the Catskills, Trump decided to bankroll an ad campaign aimed at convincing local communities to kill the project.

Trump plunged $1 million into a purported “grassroots” anti-gambling organization called the New York Institute for Law and Society that warned the casino would bring “increased crime, broken families, bankruptcies and, in the case of the Mohawks, violence.”

But that’s not all: Documents obtained by The Los Angeles Times show that Trump personally signed off on a strategy devised by longtime ally Roger Stone to depict the Mohawks as a violent people who would bring ruin to everyone else in the area.

“Roger, do it!” Trump scrawled on a proposed flier that said the Mohawk tribe was well known for being a violent group that sold drugs and smuggled undocumented immigrants into the country.

Trump and his associates were ordered by the New York Temporary State Commission on Lobbying to pay $250,000 for deceptive advertising by not disclosing the fact that Trump almost single handedly funded the New York Institute for Law and Society, despite the fact that the organization falsely boasted it had raised funds from more than 12,000 donors.

Why Are Chinese People in China So Racist Towards Black People Yet They’re Treated Hospitably In Africa?

Racism is a scourge that’s making the lives of its victims quite miserable. In many cases, Africans have been the biggest casualties when it comes to racism, whether in the United States, Europe or Asia.

Racism against Africans in China has never been so pronounced, more so because the country has for years been mono-ethnic. Things, however, changed after the Chinese expanded their business activities in Africa. This triggered increased migration to China by Africans and vice versa. Unfortunately, though, many Africans who’ve visited China contend that they experienced racial discrimination of some sort. This is more so for those who stayed longer.

A Nigerian living in Guangzhou, China, asked why Chinese people are so racist in China when they’re welcomed in his home country of Nigeria.

This was after Eric Olander and Cobus van Staden, the two figures behind the China Africa Project and the hosts of the famous China in Africa Podcast, offered to answer questions on the issue.

In their answer, the duo first acknowledged how devastating being a victim of racism or prejudice is. They then pointed out that, although Blacks are more on the receiving end, they aren’t the only victims of racism.

To break it down, they said because China has a mainly mono-ethnic culture, many of them have never interacted with people of other races and are more aware of these races through the media, including movies.

Moreover, Chinese people have for years held the belief that they’re the most superior people and race. In fact, even “China,” pronounced in Chinese as “zhong guo,” means “Middle Kingdom,” which, in plain English, basically means “The Center of the Universe.”

The China in Africa Podcast hosts even gave an example of a Chinese lady who feared Black people in general. Asked whether she’d interacted with any Black person to have developed that kind of fear, she said “no.”

So, why did she have that fear?

She pointed out that it was because of how Black people are depicted in American movies, where Black people are portrayed as violent-loving and heartless monsters.

“I know what I see from the movies and I just don’t want to take any chances,” she explained.

To wrap it all up, they pointed out that, although there are racist Chinese people in China, just like there are racists everywhere, there is also a good number of Chinese people in the country who’re struggling to come to terms with the new multicultural environment that’s fast developing in their country.

The bottom line is: As multicultural migration into China and Chinese migration to multicultural countries continues, some of the myths about Black people are slowly being diffused.

Social Experiment Shows White Supremacy’s Strong Impact On African Americans

A survey conducted by SA NETHER TV, whose results were released last Friday, shows just how strong white supremacy has infiltrated the minds of African-Americans. The experiment was conducted through a number of on-street interviews, where they were asked who among three notable historical figures has the greatest impact on their lives.

The three figures were Jesus Christ, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. From the survey report, it became apparent that African Americans value Jesus Christ more than the other two figures yet they’ve been touted as those with enormous direct positive impact on Black folks in the United States.

Out of the many who were asked, a few chose a figure other than Jesus.

When one woman was asked what she would say if she were told that Jesus never existed after all, she responded with: “That you don’t know the truth.”

From the interviews, it was clear that many people, white and Black, value Jesus more.

One Black woman who chose Malcolm X over Jesus and Garvey said she made that choice because her grandfather, who was a Black Panther, talked about Malcolm X a lot.

Of those interviewed, there was a man who refused to single out the most important figure in his life, arguing that all three had their moments and served their purposes. To substantiate his point, he said choosing one over the other is as erroneous as choosing between one’s mother and father as more important.

On the question whether Jesus was white or not, it was clear that most of the interviewees believed that indeed he was white. One white man said he believes Jesus was white because Jesus lived in Israel; drawing from historical accounts that say Israelites were white.

But then again, it was clear that even Black people also believed that Jesus was white. This just shows how the image created by whites to display Jesus as a white Caucasian figure has widely swayed masses, Black and white alike.

In conclusion, the strong belief in Jesus clearly came from the Christian upbringing that many go through. In fact, there are many respondents, adults and children, who categorically said they believe in Jesus because they’ve been brought up in Christian families.

There are even those who say that God is white, in spite of the fact that there is no Bible account that tells whether God is Black or white.

It all shows just how white supremacy has created and peddled the images of God and Jesus as white.

Half of Republican Voters Wish They Had a Different Nominee

For all the talk of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s likability problem, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is facing incredible resistance from members of his own political party. A new Fox News poll out Wednesday shows that while Democrats prefer Clinton over rival Bernie Sanders by 21 points, a majority of Republicans wish they had a candidate other than the one they’ve got.

Trump has been slowly slipping in the polls in recent weeks, and support—particularly among women and voters with a college degree—continues to dwindle for the self-proclaimed billionaire. According to the Washington Post, 71 percent of Republican voters think Trump is “obnoxious,” while 44 percent say he lacks the experience to lead.

The slip can be attributed, at least in part, to a variety of gaffes Trump has made in recent weeks. His blubbering foreign policy speech following the terror attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, combined with his continued attacks on the judge presiding over a lawsuit against the now-defunct Trump University, gave some Republican voters pause. As Politico notes:

“[A loss of support among Republicans] is a a sharp reminder that Trump’s triumph in the primaries, and the prospect that he will lure disaffected Democrats and armies of first-time voters to the polls, may obscure a counterpoint: A striking number of committed Republicans and conservatives, including donors, operatives and foot soldiers, are prepared to withhold their support, their money and their votes that would have gone to any other Republican nominee.”

Trump’s bloviating and brazenness is what propelled him to the forefront of the GOP nomination. But according to these early poll numbers, those character traits may ultimately be his downfall.

Diary Of A Brexit Watcher

DEAR DIARY, LATELY I’VE BEEN READING that a majority of Brits voted to leave the European Union.

Along with this, I read that the Jewish-owned media and Jew-bought shills like David Cameron are spinning the vote as a “win for Putin but a loss for Britain.”

Cameron actually vomited out months ago that “Putin and ISIS will be happy with Brexit.”

Seems strange.

If Putin is the one leader who’s putting the screws on ISIS by providing air cover for Syria’s ground troops, why is he being lumped together with his adversary, ISIS?

There’s no justice in this world, and if there is, (like Russia waging lawful warfare against the blight of ISIS), the Jews through their patsies (like Cameron) will spin it as malfeasance.

Demonizing Putin (a favorite Jewish pastime) notwithstanding, it can be argued that Putin might be the “loser” with Brexit. Why?

Because it would strengthen the Anglo-American sphere of anti-Russian posturing, of which, EU member nations desirous of restoring economic ties with Russia, has weakened.

As far as all the excitement over Brexit, it ain’t over ’till it’s over.

There’s lots of time for the Jewish-owned Fed to devalue the pound; create ‘turmoil’ in the financial markets; time to convince Brits their economy will tank; and time for the Jew-owned media to concoct horror stories of how Putin will “invade” a “divided” Europe.

Moreover, Boris Johnson is apparently backpedaling about stemming immigration, hintingat joining the EU’s single market, an arrangement (like Norway’s with the EU), thatstipulates “freedom of movement and labor.”

I’m all for Brexit, but somehow it’s all too big and remote. I’m struggling to personalize it. I mean, is there a personal “brexit” I can forge for myself?

And if not for myself, for our own Jew-ruined country?

THE PROBLEM IS that most Americans haven’t a clue what Brexit is, and if they slightly do, hardly know what it’s all about.

Brexit’s champion, Nigel Farage, says it’s all about “getting Britain’s borders back and becoming an independent, self-governing nation, freed from the enslavement of a super-state political union.”

Trump also wants to “get America’s borders back.” But everything else, no one’s saying it.

Who’s saying we must free ourselves from the Jews who have the power to print money out of thin air, gouge us with interest, and call their scam the “Federal Reserve?”

Who’s saying that Congress has been bought by Jewish Lobbies who have the power tobring a man to his knees if he won’t obey Jewry’s demands?

Who’s saying that the power to form public opinion is totally in the hands of Jews who ownthe entire gamut of the press and media?

Anyone who dares say it will see his employment severed, his reputation ruined, and branded for life as an “anti-Semite.”

And what could be worse than being branded an “anti-Semite?” Every goy’s been brainwashed to view it as a capital crime.

One can bribe, lie, blaspheme, promote perversion—all of which Jews do—but committing the crime of “hating Jews,” all bets are off for winning a popularity contest.

WHICH BRINGS ME to the prospect of making a personal brexit, so to speak.

It’s not about copping out or going off the radar, it’s about seeing the world as Jew-ruinedand either mocking it or denouncing it.

If mocking it, you’ll get the last laugh. If denouncing it, you’ll hang by your toes.

But dear diary, I’d rather hang from my toes than cave to the murderers of Christ.


Hitler: The Great Awakener


From the very first time I saw a Hitler speech I was drawn in entirely by his presence – a presence recorded over eighty years ago. Hitler mesmerised me – his words, his actions, his fire, his everything. I am not alone in having been so transfixed.

I thought the limited clips they showed at school were ridiculous – the mutterings of the ‘evil man’ that we should all fear, the man who wanted only a blonde haired blue eyed race, when he himself had brown hair and brown eyes. No, actually Hitler had the most beautiful blue eyes, that according to his legend hypnotised people around him. My partner and son agree that Hitler has something that cannot be ignored, something that makes you want to be a part of him, his ideas, his strength, his very way of being. Throughout Hitler’s life he impressed and infatuated people. He motivated them, understood them, forgave them and inspired them. He breathed life into the lifeless.

Hitler knew how mankind had been weakened; how people had crumbled, had sinned and been shamed, had become who they weren’t, and had lived in vain. But Hitler did not write them off. He invigorated them, reminded them of who they were. He gave them something beautiful to build – a kinship, community and country. He showed the people that they were their country, and that their country was them.

I believe if a man is not building something, he is not living. My partner told me this truth; if we were to be a strong couple we must always be building together and always be focused on a goal that we shared. To always be in love we must build our life together.

For many Hitler was love at first sight. He asked them to build with him and build they did. Our so called leaders today only discuss our mess and how to make it less messy, but there is no passion in them. Like when Hitler was struggling for power, the politicians of today are bought by Marxist views and Jewish wallets. In our own circles we have confusion, misguidance and nothing to build. Hitler had a manifesto to grow mankind, but we have no such ideal. We have a past that we must learn from and merge into our own time. Hitler took the old and brought it into the new.

Hitler was named ‘The great Awakener’ by his people and Dr Goebbels had said of his beloved friend;

Like a shining star you appeared before our wondering eyes, you performed miracles to clear our minds, and in a world of scepticism and desperation, gave us faith

Many question how he made a nation fall in love with National Socialism, which is claimed to be a sexist regime that dictated to its men their path. However, women chose to use their ’emancipation’ to rid themselves of it, and with their men they used “democracy” to forego it. Women understood they would no longer be included in the man’s world and their duty was to nurture the smaller world. Both men and women happily voted to vote no more and to give themselves to their Fuhrer.

If any of you today believe that you actually have a vote, you are mistaken. Hitler gave his people no illusion of their involvement; he told the people his plans, and they believed in him. He was true to his words and did not give false hope, lies and manipulations. He did not promise to do things while campaigning and then fail to follow through once elected, unlike these men of today who are punch and jewdy politicians. They do not deserve your emotions and pretend votes in their rigged system.

This talk of how women vote, how men vote, and who should and should not be allowed to participate in ‘democracy’, is ridiculous, as it is all pretend. If a genuine ‘love’ does come along and us National Socialists rise again, the vote will be no more – no more for anyone. Hitler said trust me, and his people did. Do you trust your leaders enough to take away the vote you believe you have? I doubt it. You do not trust your leaders, yet you trust that your leaders will listen to you when you tick a box.

Gregor Strassor stated that;

A glowing faith in victorious strength of this doctrine of liberation, and deliverance is combined with a deep love of the person of our Fuhrer who is the shining hero of the new freedom fighter.

Now today’s literature will happily resign such adoration to propaganda and brainwashing, and say that Hitler feminized his entire nation by rendering them in love with him like a wife besotted with her husband. They also claim all love for Hitler was therefore sexual, because in the jew world love can only involve sex. Being astounded by beauty, being impressed by physique and having admiration for a person’s form, character or essence is all about fucking,and nothing more. A people cannot bask in the adoration of another without having to want to have sexual relations with them. And for argument’s sake, surely if he feminized his entire nation then he could not have been sexist, but we just have to look at his army to know that this is a very silly notion.

Hitler told his people he would build their nation and remove the degradation put upon them. They faced the same situation we do right now. We are being taught our only passion is for degeneracy and destruction, not to design and develop ourselves and our people, not to have them in love, but to have them lose all faith and heart in themselves and their people.

As I am a women I am particularly interested in what German women felt for their Führer and what he gave them to build. How he enthused them! Here is part of his speech in 1934 at the party rally of The National Socialist Women’s Organisation;

The slogan ‘the emancipation of women’ was invented by jewish intellectuals and its content was formed by the same spirit. In the good times of German life the German woman had no need to emancipate herself. She possessed exactly what nature had necessarily given her to administer and preserve; just as the man in his good times had no need to fear that he would be ousted from his position in relation to the woman.

Hitler continued his speech about our natural roles as men and women and said that our men create the larger world as our women imitate their values and care for the smaller world. Hitler discussed how the woman’s role is to sacrifice herself to her family. My partner was raised by his Grandmother and always spoke of her willingness to sacrifice, to always put herself last in line of food and clothing, and would do everything necessary for her children and home without an ounce of complaint; her duty was her soul and she would work her hands to the bone in and outside of the home to ensure the needs of her family were met. Hitler did not expect his women to serve outside of their home, and to drain their being to survive. Hitler gave great incentives to women and men financially and emotionally to be in relationships and be what nature intended for them – for a man to work and a women to nurture their young. Married men would be preferred for promotion over unmarried men, and women were to be given well-trained maternity support to help nurse the children. Hitler saw men and women as equally valued, but not the same. We have different abilities. Hitler gave women back their womanhood, which feminism attempted to steal.

Our National Socialist Women’s movement has in reality but one single point, and that point is the child, that tiny creature which must be born and grow strong and which alone gives meaning to the whole life struggle.

Frau Scholtz-Klink the leader of the National Socialist Women’s orgainzation, told her women;

The guiding principle of German women today is not to campaign against men but campaign alongside men.

I believe a woman should be at her man’s side and that she should carry and honour his word as he should carry and honour hers. I believe a couple in love should be united in thought and future goals. Hitler encouraged this. He united his people and gave them their natural duties to fulfill, and was loved for doing so.

Theodore Abel wrote a research book named Why Hitler Came Into Power. He was granted authority to ask Hitler’s nation the question ‘Why I became a National Socialist’. He gave an incentive of marks to the best essay response. He warned that dramatic over-represented claims were not what he was seeking, but normal and valuable reasoning would win the prize. This research is deemed flawed and inaccurate because of the methodology. Abel asked that people write of their experiences from before 1933, while his book was published in 1938. Here are some accounts from German women, whose reason was simply love, just as it was with the men.

‘Whoever has looked deeply into the Fuhrers eyes will never, not even years later forget such a powerful experience! I, who had never been able to recognise any authority over me at all… I will follow a life of obedience”

The joy inside me was impossible to describe. This simple man with a true, righteous gaze streamed warm sunlight from his face into the 22,000 hearts in the audience… whoever has a pure heart and hears our Fuhrer speak and looks into his eyes has no choice but to convert to him”

From a thousand wounds rose his sweet face, enlivened by a child like smile of holy self confidence. Hitler strengthens the spiritual power of the entire Volk”

Heaven gave us more than we deserved when it sent us the fanatical crusader of honour and freedom, Adolf Hitler”

The man who destiny and god have sent to heal a shattered Germany”

I realized that I had at last found my goal and desire. I felt as if a fire flamed within me and I said to myself you do not learn about national socialism, you have to experience it”

I would not be able to dress it up in words and could only say that National Socialism is anchored in the deepest inner being of every German, and expresses the most primitive sensitivities and emotions”

I would say that it is in every Aryan, and agree I felt it too. For footage from so long ago to still have captured the very essence of a man who brought souls back to life, can you imagine the power to have actually been present at that time? I believe I love my man so much and Hitler so much because they both understood something very simple: that a woman should build her home, a man should build their city, and they should both envision together how that city and home should look and feel. Man and woman should both be guided by the same ideals. A nation, and a couple, can only be in love when building something beautiful and meaningful. European man has to build to be great. This is why many immediately succumbed to his genuineness, like Herman Goring said:

From the first moment I saw him I belonged to him body and soul

The video above tells a small tale again of how Hitler made others feel. The youtuber also has lots of excellent videos worth checking out.

Birth Of A New Earth


This is a short video montage that I recently put together. I want everyone to get a visual of the kind of world that I want for my children’s future. A world where they can live amongst their folk and in harmony with nature.  A world where they are not constantly under attack from predators. Every time I watch this I am moved to tears. Allow yourself to cry if those emotions come up. I truly believe that watching something so beautiful like this heals our nervous system of past traumas. People that have been witnesses to natural births have reported a profound spiritual shift after witnessing such magic. So many of us were brought into this world in a traumatic and hideous way. It is our responsibility to heal from our traumas and to birth our children into this world in a loving and peaceful way.  We will save the world with beauty. We will birth a new earth one angel at a time.

Youtube link

Video Clips were taken from this Russian documentary.

Myth of the Good Jew


Myth of the Good Jew: Why Gilad Atzmon is Irrelevant
By Khanverse

People new to the Truth Movement in 2016 have a lot less disinfo to sift through than the early adopters had in 2004 and 2005. Over the last 11-12 years as we’ve developed in our understanding and conception of the diabolical conspiracy against humanity, we’ve also observed tens of thousands of curious and brave new souls enter the fray and rapidly evolve in their knowledge. Long gone are most of the dead ends and pitfalls the early researchers faced trying to define and corral the nebulous entities that would be very difficult to bring to justice, namely, Reptilians, Jesuits, Germanic Death Cults, Illuminati and Globalists, to name a few.

Over time and with persistence, the naked Truth has shocked our senses over and over, unassailably revealing that this global intergenerational conspiracy is run by Luciferian Talmudic Ashkenazi Jews emanating from Rothschild’s European banking dynasties and extending their tentacles through Organized Jewry, engulfing the entire Planet.

Every single day, new people who’ve been studying the conspiracy arrive at the fearsome chasm they must brave between Zionism and Judaism. As Gentiles born without an “anti-Semitic” gene, we tend to attribute good intentions to most common Jews we come across, especially those humanistically exposing some element of Israeli barbarism. Additionally, everything from our upbringing in this Judaic Matrix reinforces the self-Chosen’s flattering mythology of a pristinely innocent and perpetually persecuted people. The Pharisaic Python reaches deep into inner city elementary schools to poison the minds of black descendants of slaves reminding them that, even you shvatzas haven’t suffered nearly as much as the Jews, while Jews were the primary slave traders in arguably the most insidiously inhumane practice of all time. This same serpent slithers into the brains of impressionable young adults at the most esteemed centers of higher learning, cloaked in innocuous Cultural Marxism, establishing hyper-aggressive, fragmented Leftist identity politics. Patriotic populism becomes Authoritarian Fascism as a labyrinthine and inconsistent, politically correct lexicon is ensconced to monitor and police discussion. Hollywood needs no introduction as a Judeo-supremacist mind control entity, though one can read Neal Gabler’s An Empire of their Own for more indisputable details.

Good Jews?

This brings us to the good Jew. The idealistic good Jew, in the popular conception, is one who doesn’t openly display bloodthirsty anti-Gentile hatred, publicly shows ‘solidarity’ with the Palestinian and / or other indigenous cause and doesn’t apparently harm living creatures by word or deed.

Thus, it is a great testament to our relentless collective evangelism of these uncomfortable truths that there seems to be a veritable explosion of good Jews sprouting up everywhere. You’re against right-wing fascism? They got Jews for that. Don’t like the soft and whiny left-wing SJWs? They got Jews for that. 9/11 Truth? They got lots of Jews for that like the Loose Change triumvirate, Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas, along with Adam Kokesh and the accessory to the murder of Dan Wallace, Luke Rudkowski. Need an Islamophobic talking point? They got Jews for that. Need someone to save the towel heads from Islamophobia? They got Jews for that too. Hate black people? They got racist Jews for that. Hate white people? They got anti-racist Jews for that also, naturally. This is celebrated as the holy and wholly distinct Jewish tradition of diversity embrace, though arguably, it is more accurately recognized as tribal, Jewish chameleonic deception.

From Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Norman Finkelstein before, to Max Blumenthal and Philip Weiss now, Gentiles have been celebrating these ‘brave, honest, good Jews’ as they courageously exposed Israeli crimes already arduously elucidated by affected Gentiles, decades prior, in far more gruesome and explicit detail. In spineless acquiescence to Jewish Chosenness, Gentiles overlook the gatekeeping, limited hangout enclaves these duplicitous Jews have created to police discussion to highlight what they deem “anti-Semitic” and thus by extension, summarily inaccurate.

Immediately on arrival, anyone who claims even a fraction of Jewish heritage catapults to the summit of the discourse, invited to pontificate in demagoguery and allowed to bludgeon dissent, especially and most crucially, “anti-Semitic” dissent. The directly affected indigenous, whether BLM activists or Palestinian SJP members, learn the ‘trigger warnings’ of unacceptable talking points and serve as compliant deputies to thesegood Jews, subserviently policing the periphery to prevent open dialogue on the most heinous and monstrous Jew deceptions: 9/11, the Holocaust, Satanic Ritual Murder and genocidal Talmudic degeneracy. From Ali Abunimah to Rania Khalek, Remi Kenazi to Linda Sarsour, these House Browns play a mid-level managerial role in this Jewish gatekeeping extravaganza. If these Browns can’t handle it, they go to their superiors for a universally binding fatwa that all solidarity activist groups must swear an oath to uphold. This is how the cause of Palestine has been merged with the homosexual agenda as two parts of the same problem, cis-gender hetero-normative patriarchy, perhaps. Thus, staunch Muslim revolutionaries must hold their nose to stop the gag reflex as they tacitly endorse evangelical homosexuals in order to speak in equal support of Palestine and the ‘colonialist imperialist Nazi’ Jewish state, rather than the genocidal cancerous entity in the Middle East, which is an existential threat to humanity and all forms of life.

Gilad Atzmon is Useless

Wily crypto-Jew, anti-Jew, Jewish supremacist opportunist Gilad Atzmon, seized the moment for shekels and fame, jumping into this undefined space in the early 2000s using his universally accepted credentials, As a Jew, to gain attention and prominence. Changing the attack on Zionism to an attack on Jewish ‘exceptionalism’, he captured the attention of those forced to the fringes of mainstream Palestine solidarity discourse. From here, Gilad’s narrative as the sole good Jew willing to call out other Jews for their Chosenite behavior has helped him gain notoriety and devoted fans all around the world, which he wields in classic Jewish self-interest, indulging his boundless ego.

As a loose coalition of the willing and able, we are partially culpable for this paradigm. Even when Alan Sabrosky came out to expose the primary Israeli role in 9/11, we promoted him incessantly as much for his 1/4th Jewish heritage as for his Army War College credentials. Meanwhile, he simply spoke on research that came mostly from Christopher Bollyn, a strong WASP revolutionary voice who almost single-handedly exposed all Zionist Jewish and Israeli connections to 9/11. Bollyn escaped a Soviet style Judaic tribunal in grave danger and threat to his life in Hoffman Estates, a suburb of Chicago, in the fall of 2006.

Over the last several years, though his Gentile acquaintances have included brilliant visionaries and staunch Resistance voices like Nahida Izzat, Jonathan Azaziah and Mark Glenn, Atzmon, from bandmates to organizers and dear friends, has kept his closest circles distinctly Jewish. This is rather peculiar when his rhetoric seems so incendiary and spasm-inducing to the Jewish Left, which is arguably tamer than the Likudnik Right. At times, Atzmon seemingly abandons his Jewish identity and concomitant privilege while at other times, he reiterates it forcefully to remind us of his unquestionably superior Jew ability to say ‘Jew’ instead of ‘Zionist.’ His unabashed self-promotion is always on display in his writings and talks for everyone to view for themselves. He is the radical Tim Wise of the Palestine Solidarity discourse.

This underscores a key characteristic of Judaic tribal identity. Orthodox Chabadniks will more than tolerate flamboyant Jewish perverts and rabid Secular-Feminist Jewesses because they serve to erode Gentile society with inflammatory false flags, bewildering confusion and grotesquely profane provocation. This is a people that always actively hides rampant rabbinical and incestual child rape in their own communities, to their own detriment, to prevent wider exposure of the rotten Satanic core of Judaism to Gentile authorities. Desiring Jews to join us as equals or even subordinates in our Resistance to Organized Jewry is fanatically foolish and exceptionally irrational.

These ‘former Jews’ remain functionally Jewish in Jewish circles irrespective of their deceptively attempted redemptive narrative as ex-excessive self lovers. These part-time Jews will still be allowed citizenship in The Entity if they so choose. You will find their intellectual contributions overwhelmingly stale and their political commentary archaic and largely inaccurate, so there is no sensible reason to subsidize them with praise and promotion, simply for the accident of birth into a Jewish family. They will always be welcome and taken back into those private Jewish circles of insular intrigue like the profusely repentant degenerate David Cole and the profoundly apologetic son of a Rav, Ariel Toaff. Both of those men and their forays into Gentile-led discussions on Jewish deception and savagery were guided by self-interest and Jew on a Perch glory. When it came down to dropping their primary identity and having Jewish wrath unleashed on them, they slithered back into favor, disavowing and vociferously condemning their former views.

The Talmud states Jesus is boiling in feces in hell. Yes, the very hell which Jews don’t even believe in. That makes Moishe Rosen of Jews for Jesus fame yet another fascinating and revelatory example which shows how far Jews will go while maintaining Jewish identity. Even the uniquely perverse 15th Century fake Jewish Messiah Shabbetai Zevi ‘converted’ to Islam after promoting orgies and ritual human blood rites to his followers. These are not men like Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, John Gunther Dean or Paul Wellstone. Certainly not Bobby Fischer or Israel Shahak.

This is why we challenge any of Gilad Atzmon’s closest Goy friends to come out and give a glowing review about his character as a person. I readily admit I never met this Jew but his Judeo-Supremacist aura overwhelms us with every single one of his long, drawn out, accented stutterances in his ‘talks.’ His unabashed and unjustifiable pomposity and self-righteousness seeps through unmistakably. This is not agood Jew, here to save us from the bad Jews. Gilad is a classic case of a Judaic NPD obliviously addicted to his own delusional sense of primal self-importance, As a Jew. There is little fresh substance here and I have a hunch that if we dig into anecdotal evidence, more creepy Talmudism may surface. He simply doesn’t have the intellectually robust, genuinely self-transcendent inquisitive feel of Stephen Lendman, Joel Kovel, or Tony Judt.

Since no Goy critique of the Jew would be complete without a disclaimer:

It must be said, Gilad Atzmon’s book, The Wandering Who, gives interesting insights and serves its purpose with some tempered perspective that navigates the psychosis of Jewish Identity. This is why I mention it on my upcoming album, This Is Resistance.

Also, no one functionally cerebral can suggest Jews have an exclusive monopoly over evil. However, if an evil exists, the Jew does it the Besht™ and gets away with it the most. And when it comes to gatekeeping in a haughty Chosenite manner, Gilad is right there with the best of them, imagining himself perched above us, delineating what is certifiably kosher and what is unmistakably haram, celebrating his cult of personality and choosing which heinous acts of the Monsters™ can and should be condemned and which ones we shall remain silent about or incur his Jewish wrath and dismissive disdain.

If an ostensibly recovering, former Jew is claiming to reject a Judaic conspiracy in totality, shouldn’t the primary pillars of that conspiracy be obliterated first? If we put an asterisk by Jewish Ritual Murder as historically unverifiable, Joachim and Boaz of the Kehilla’s Oligarchy are 9/11 and the Holocaust/Hitler/NSDAP. Where does Gilad stand on those subjects, one may ask? He’s still skirting 9/11 in totality, and has celebrated persecuted Holocaust Deniers, in the name of free speech, which he amusingly fashions himself a recovering-Chosen champion of. He has never endorsed the notion that the Holocaust™ is a monumental and catastrophic fraud, and perhaps the greatest terroristic psy-op ever devised.

Beyond The Wandering Who, which is worth purchasing, and the apparent dedicated trolling of Max Blumenthal, the rest of Atzmon’s entire contribution to our liberationist discourse is that Chosen Jews will act like Chosen Jews, and, as an on-again, off-again Chosen Jew, he stands up for his own right to say so, as a bulwark for the Goyim’s right to say so. I imagine, if he didn’t have an unhealthy and cartoonish sense of self-importance, over the last decade, he would have been promoting the work of many of the fiery luminaries that make up the real grassroots of Gentile Resistance to Global Judaic Supremacy, and not just words about him.

We are to believe that once Gilad detoxed from his childhood brainwashing and extricated himself from the supremacist jingoism of ‘Israel’ that he had wholly abandoned Jewish culture and purged his demons. No, not so. Not quite. In fact, Gilad remains an archetypal secular Jew, interfacing with Gentiles with a Judaic agenda, namely, to encourage fawning approbation from his acolytes for the righteous act of saying Jew just as often as Zionist yet also dismissing exposure of the most heinous Jewish lies. He’s a dilettante historian and clearly an elementary political analyst, at best. His squatting role in our narrative as an oppressive outsider withprivilege, is making fun of Jews being Jews, As a Jew.

I would openly welcome and appreciate Mr. Atzmon doing the easy, yet highly useful work of translating revelatory Hebrew speeches of the Israeli political elite, to its intensely devoted, sanguinary populace, when the Goyim aren’t watching. The principle of whistleblowing is crucial. It takes courage to take risks with your life for humanity’s sake, driven by a belief in something greater than yourself. This is how we learned from Israel Shahak about the Oded Yinon plan concocted in the 80’s which has had Syria ablaze for more than 5 years. Ex-Jew Christian, Mordechai Vanunu is still paying the price for his exposure of Israel’s vast array of WMDs. How does Gilad want to be remembered?

Hello? Bollyn!

Christopher Bollyn, ever the inquisitive and fiercely unyielding researcher, happened to meet Gilad Atzmon in the fall of 2014. His investigative scrutiny led him to ask Gilad if he had any relation to Menachem Atzmon, convicted Israeli criminal and key 9/11 conspirator as the head of ICTS, a security company implicated in 9/11, the shoe-bomber fiasco of 2001, 7/7 in 2005, the Christmas day underwear bomber of 2009 and possibly others. Gilad unhesitatingly confirmed that indeed he was. Gilad then revealed that he was also a relative of Nathan Yellin-Mor, co-founder with Avraham Stern of the Jewish terrorist outfit LEHI, commonly known as The Stern Gang. Yellin-Mor was a primary conspirator in the assassination of Lord Moyne and Count Folke Bernadotte, the two primary, high ranking officials with key roles of preventing conflagration in Mandate Palestine. Gilad also revealed that he’s related to Tzipi Livni and to Janet Yellen, chairwoman of the Fed. Impressive isn’t it?

One has to wonder, why did it take Bollyn’s curiosity, keen eye to detail and a chance meeting between them for Gilad to reveal that he is family members with a very key suspect in the 9/11 attacks which killed 3000, hundreds more first responders and probably close to 4 million human beings, primarily Muslims in the 15 year aftermath of the “War on Terror?” It had already been more than 12 years; without Bollyn, would this revelation ever been forthcoming? What would it have taken for this unanimously anointed good Jew to reveal this important nugget of vital information?

Being related to Janet Yellen and Tzipi Livni, imagine some of the other family secrets Gilad could possibly investigate and divulge to the benefit of Goyim at large. Why remain quiet? Why not ever promote genuine 9/11 Truth even after meeting Bollyn? Interestingly, the only reference to Bollyn on Gilad’s website is a reproduction of Bollyn’s review of Gilad’s aforementioned The Wandering Who.

This indeed is the enigma of the Kehilla. So few are Jews in terms of the Globe’s population, yet they are ubiquitously found in positions of authority in all aspects of power, while small enough that the goodest Jewon Earth is the nephew of the one of the most evil terrorist Jews, intimately involved in the most cataclysmic event in several decades. More disturbingly, this was uncovered by a relentless Gentile researcher, not readily revealed by Gilad himself. Is this why Gilad doesn’t want to bring attention to the Israeli role in 9/11, to protect his uncle from being prosecuted for this heinous crime via ICTS? Also, if ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky was chased all the way to Canada with death threats by Jewish lunatics for a relatively innocuous, partial expose of Mossad terrorism, why has Gilad not faced the wrath of the Mishpucka for his provocative anti-Semitism, especially from his own bloodthirsty terrorist kin like Menachem Atzmon and Tzipi Livni? Why is he still treated as family by the Jews he commiserates with?

Jews like Gilad prefer to believe the Globe’s Jewish problem is not really about genetics but primarily about ideology. But from our own experience we know that ideology doesn’t fully encapsulate the nuanced behavior of any individual, despite many self-righteous claims to the contrary. Show me an ardent puritanical cleric and I can show you a vile child rapist. Genetics, however, do yield a pretty consistent track record of behavior. Any of us can look at our lives objectively and see good and bad habits we’ve innately established that are found in our parents. We can overcome the negative personality traits but it requires consistent focused attention. I look at Ashkenazi Jews this way. Consequently, the Talmud is simply an ideological reinforcement and consolidation of this genetic inheritance.

Though Mr. Atzmon should be recognized as prescient in carving out this territory for himself, he still functions as a Jewish gatekeeper clearly outlining the parameters of our narrative. Noam Chomsky and Miko Peled have done the same with Zionism. This is why we suggest anyone claiming part-time ex-Jewishness is likely trying to deceive and this shapeshifting chameleonic self-identification is mostly irrelevant because Jews are hardwired for generations into selfish, anti-Gentile behavior. You can’t be mad at a snake for shedding its skin and slithering away. That’s what snakes will do.

Gilad gets a kick out of Israeli domination of Arabs and Jewish domination of Gentiles, as a natural outgrowth of clever rabbinic eugenics. His lazy and flatulent ‘support’ of the Palestinian cause is minuscule and driven by his ability to squat on this massive, previously un-Jew-tapped, prime real estate in the discourse where the Truth Movement was always headed marketing himself as a reformed good Jew. Again, we give him credit for his shrewd discernment.

I humbly suggest we stop looking for good Jews. It’s high time we stop getting distracted and wasting precious time consuming ancient, shoddily recycled information by those angling and promoting themselves as good Jews. Focus on the Goal: global, regional, national and local sovereignty and independence from the Organized Talmudic Octopus. I fail to see how pompous, self-righteous, and contemptuous Jews fit in. Where could they possibly add value to our burgeoning Resistance to their brethren’s evil schemes?

Now, As a Pashtun descendant of the original Lost Tribe of Joseph I can’t help my own pretentious cockiness; It’s innate, and admittedly, eerily reminiscent of Chosenness. Consequently, Gilad’s clumsy blog is unworthy of my careful scrutiny and attentive analysis to pluck specific examples of his glaringly translucent, arrogant, minimalist, deceptive Jewish incrementalism. Suffice it say, the following answer from a few weeks ago, on May 6th 2016, which he gave to Eric Gajewski on his radio show is instructive on where he stands and how he wields what he knows.

Observe this monumentally clever Jewish genius confuse Hezbollah and ISIS as but two, possibly Mossad created, manifestations of ‘Islamic Resistance’. Gilad Atzmon, ladies and gentlemen: Click to hear his analysis on “Islamic Resistance” groups

Yes, you heard that correct, Atzmon just conflated the most revolutionary, inspiring Resistance group on Earth that has multiple victories against The Entity, Hezbollah, with the vilest, most barbaric Judaic mercenary group of all time, the Takfiri Goy Golem of ISIS.

Do you trust this Jew to walk with you in humanity through the finish line of a liberated Al-Quds?

Wake me from my aloof slumber when he confesses the Jewish lie of the Holocaust and the Israeli Masterpiece of 9/11, and promotes our greatest contributor to this discourse, the indefatigable Gentile,Christopher Bollyn, who put his life on the line to bring us exclusive and explosive information about the real Judaic culprits of 9/11.

We aren’t calling for a boycott, sanction, divestment from, or disavowal of, Gilad Atzmon. If he’s tickling you in the right places, by all means, titillate away. But those of us who don’t need Jews to repackage our information and sell it back to us, dripping with Chosenite supremacy, will discover those who do the difficult and dangerous work of primary research, like Christopher Bollyn, and send our love and support in that Gentile’s direction.

Unless we have a repentant group of former Jews with some substantive secret information from the vile depths of the foul colon of the toxic Shul regarding an upcoming Judaic False Flag massacre, Jews should be ignored and shunned from all of our Gentile Resistance movements against their hegemony, or else Jewish Supremacy will remain supreme, donning different masks as it sadistically and ritualistically rapes us. This isn’t just about Gilad. This is about how we interface with Jews 2.0 who enter our discourse with a Save Sudan™ Tikkun Olam style smile and nothing but the shiny, holographic, embedded J-badge glued to their chest, telling us it’s time to liberate ’67 Palestine, embrace LGBTQQIAAP, stop neo-fascist imperialism, andannihilate anti-Semitism.

I’m good on the Good Jews, thanks.

The spiritual giant Malcolm X, may God rest his soul in eternal bliss, used to tell white people who wanted to join his cause to stay away from Black Liberationist movements and take on the more difficult and tangible task of fixing problems among white society, directly on their own. In that spirit, I encourage all Gentiles to form a cohesive block that prevents Jews from entering our ranks until the Kehilla has transparently given up on its multi-millennia old, genocidal dystopian dream. They must dismantle and liquidate ‘Israel’ and their usurious central banks, relinquish all their destructive weaponry and then rapidly dissolve all forms of Jewish power in media, academia and everywhere else and apologize to everyone.

… Exactly. I’m not holding my breath.

Beware, there will be a total Noahide flood of good Jews in the coming months and years that will seek to carve out a niche in our Resistance to Organized Jewry’s genocidal rampage, purely and selfishly out of a survival mechanism. Their Talmudic war path is untenable. The jig is up. They know. These good Jews will condemn Israel and the, ever so few, bad Jews, claim universalist secular piety, then intricately develop their complex adaptive system to once again dissolve and disintegrate our nascent revolution as an efficient, parasitic, tribalistic super-organism.

The entire Planet is waking up to the Pharisaic Python as it feverishly tries to suffocate the last breaths of our Gentile autonomy. We don’t need to hold the hands of good Jews and patiently and painstakingly help them navigate their own psychoses while their close relatives plot the details of WWIII. There are too many of us and too few of them. We must Save our Planet from their Samson option apocalypse.

Gentiles are well-acquainted with the corrosive Judaic hive mind. It has a long and sordid history. Codreanu tried to warn his people, Solzhenitsyn made a valiant effort in 200 Years Together. From Nesta Webster to Eustace Mullins and Elizabeth Dilling to Michael Hoffman II, we know their story and History. The good Jewswill be loud and unmistakeable like Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein. They will find us, out of breath from the urgency, warning us of secrets we could never know, compelled by a Divine conscience. They won’t be gatekeeping headmasters like Max Blumenthal who breaks Passover bread with his father Sydney, a Clinton handler and Judaic butcherer of Libya.

Certainly, this is nothing new or groundbreaking here. Even in this era, Jonathan Azaziah, for one, has dealt with this uniquely Jewish, shape-shifting paradigm cogently and in more depth, several years ago, with the articles linked below. This is only a reminder and an admonishment because our magnificent transcendent religion demands it of us.

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