Churchill’s Lie Factory


The World War Two lull that preceded the Reich retaliation against belligerent France was known as the Phony War (or Bore War). UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill desperately sought an excuse to round up thousands of citizens he considered to be enemy aliens or of dubious loyalty. Many thousands of unfortunates were merely critics of Churchill’s war aims. Homes were raided and thousands of innocent people were incarcerated because they were of German or Italian extraction. In some cases these unfortunates were second or third generation Britons. Many had served in the British armed forces.

Assisting England’s government in justifying mass arrests without trial was one of the most notorious spinners of fifth column nonsense. Sir Nevile Bland was the British Minister to the Dutch Government in The Hague. James Hayward, the noted dissembler of wartime myths described the Eton educated Nevile Bland’s reports as ‘a thousand word fantasies’. Some credited Sir Nevile Bland with importing the worst of the paratrooper and fifth column myths into Britain. He later disclosed that these tactics were used to justify the mass internment of male aliens, which the Home Secretary, under Winston Churchill’s direction, ordered on May 13 1940.

What motive underpinned such peculiar falsehoods? Many on the allied side had a vested interest in ascribing German military victories to an underhand secret weapon rather than poor allied leadership and military incompetence. The military and political establishment gave these myths full credit.

According to James Hayward (Myths and Legends of the Second World War) Churchill claimed the presence of 20,000 organised Nazis in Britain.

Some historians conclude that the fifth column menace was deliberately fabricated to support mass internment in Britain and in this there is a great deal of truth.

The British Tall Tales Factory
  • The same fictitious poisoned sweets passed out to children by German troops in the First World War were handed out to children in the Second World War.
  • During the Great War 1914 – 1918 dachshund dogs were kicked and stoned on the streets of Britain. In 1939 this breed had an easier time. The hapless pets were merely denigrated in the press by having swastikas crudely drawn on their backs.

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    At the outbreak of war delicatessens and German owned shops were attacked and looted as was anyone with a German sounding name. Many of the hapless victims of England’s Crystal Night were German Jews.

  • Drew Middleton of the Associated Press questioned the hard-line British propaganda machine: ‘It is come on-Hitler-we’re-ready-stuff.’ Such was the psychotic effects of propaganda that tennis courts were foolishly identified as gun platforms. Matches struck in the street were reported as signals to spies or submarines.

  • Just as in the First World War the German Kaiser was said to be insane, in the next war Adolf Hitler was said to be insane.

  • On May 21 1940 the French Prime Minister whined that the loss of the bridges over the River Meuse was on account of fifth columnists. They were in fact lost due to military incompetence. Mythical fifth columnists simply make a convenient scapegoat.

  • There were never any U-boat bases situated in Ireland. Nor did German submarines put to sea with cold-stored severed limbs ready to be jettisoned to simulate their own sinking.

  • Hitler’s plumbing was apparently perfectly normal.

  • German paratroopers were never disguised as nuns, in female attire or any other outlandish garbs as alleged by allied propagandists.


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