The Jews Were Never Slaves in Egypt



Christians still cling to the opinion that their Bible is infallible. They delight in telling us that the Bible is the inspired word of God, even though it’s well documented that the Bible contains more than 400 contradictions, not to mention that it reflects the Bronze-age morality of the time.

Well, here comes science to kick religion in the nuts once again: the Jews were never slaves in Egypt!

It turns out that there is no archaeological evidence of any kind relating to a separate settlement of religious people in Egypt during that time. There is also no evidence of any kind relating to a mass migration across the Sinai Peninsula.

If things did indeed happen as it says in the Bible (and the Torah), there would have to be some archaeological evidence. But there is none.

Further, there is no evidence of any kind that Egypt even used slaves, and certainly no evidence that they enslaved an entire nation. The workers that built the pyramids are known to be well payed Egyptians. The pyramids weren’t even built in the right time period, being 800 to 2,000 years older than the supposed “Exodus”.

The same techniques used to track the migration patterns of ancient humans by examining DNA also show that there was absolutely no procreation between ancient Egyptians and ancient Israelites during the time that the story was supposed to have taken place. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if an entire nation was enslaved for hundreds of years, surely there would have been some inter-breeding.

In short, this story never happened.

And this isn’t even “news” – of course, the scientific community is across the subject, but even conservative Jewish sources admit that there is no evidence (but they still have faith! And some stuff about metaphors and such…)

To drive the point home, I’m even providing sources for you (although, a quick Google search could give you dozens more…)

Basically, everyone in the know admits that what is written in the Bible and Torah simply didn’t happen, not at all, not even the non-supernatural, core plot…

So next time you hear someone tell you the Bible is infallible (or anything about Passover whatsoever) send them one of these links:

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  1. Finally truth! those who call themselves jews now, are not and are really khazars, ashkenazi, and turks, as they have stolen the identity, land and everything else they can from the world. Shall we allow them to get more power from us? through religion, lies, slavery and usury? We ready to hold those who take everything from every entity on the planet, accountable? Its time friends, to put on your big kids pants, its gonna get messy, Hopefully we aren’t too lazy, ignorant and apathetic to stand up for our ancestors, ourselves and our future generations.
    What really happened to the Persian, byzantine and ottoman empires? Don’t believe the story we are told in public school. you go to public schools, you get a public school education.The truth is fascinating, especially when its trying to be hidden.

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  2. Where exactly in the Bible did you read that Jews were building the Pyramids?
    (It mentions building of some “storage cities” instead).

    Right, the evidence for their presence in Egypt are scant, but not nothing.
    There are, for example, mentions of some “habiru” people.
    Remember, we are talking about period about 3500 thousands years ago.
    Until relatively recent times stories of Troy or Jerusalem of Roman period or Israel and Judea Kingdoms, or Babylonian exile were all considered fairy tales. And now – all of them are quite solid historical facts, backed by multitude of archeological sources.

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  3. “The workers that built the pyramids are known to be well payed Egyptians. The pyramids weren’t even built in the right time period, being 800 to 2,000 years older than the supposed “Exodus”.”
    The Bible does not say the Israelites built pyramids. Teh test says: “hey built for Pharaoh store cities, Pithom and Raamses.”

    The graphic shows pyramids, which were made of stone blocks, whereas the Bible records that the Israelites were required to make bricks.

    The analysis is not credible..

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  4. The argument is fundamentally flawed. Because no archaeological evidence has been found (according to the post) this is supposed to PROVE that the Israelites were never in Egypt. But that is fallacious. It probably means that archaeological evidence has yet to be found.

    In John’s Gospel chapter 5, Jesus heals a man at a pool called Bethesda. Furthermore there is no mention of this healing in any of the other three Gospels. Until the 19th century, there was no evidence outside of John’s Gospel for the existence of this pool.Before the archaeological evidence was found people claimed that this PROVED that John’s Gospel was fabricated.OF course this argument went out of fashion, once the archaeological evidence was found.

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  5. You wrote “well payed” Egyptians, but it should be written “well-paid”

    The Urban Dictionary puts it this way:

    ‘ “Payed0”. Often used by people who have no grasp of the English language. The correct spelling is “Paid”, which is of course the past tense of the word “Pay”.’

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  6. yeah, like every time bullshit unknown information… you have heard that some ‘scientists’, some ‘DNA’ tests bla bla bla – give me the name and year and full information who did that research, when, what facts were used. so? probably you can’t. keep believe your ‘priests’-scientists who always say about some researches and so on, they never did. you are same believers as Christians. however you’re trying to convince Christians that they are wrong, same like they are trying to convince you. have a good time

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  7. The ancient Hebrews were BLACK, the ancient Egyptians were BLACK. So, no DNA evidence pointing to difference.

    Further, biblical stories have a deeper, metaphorical and esoteric meaning. They were predominantly teaching devices to promote enlightenment. You likely will not be able to prove these “facts” any more easily than “proving” Jesus walked on water. They are pointers toward deeper spiritual truths, designed to help the spiritual disciple enter a non-dual state of consciousness.

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