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Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald expose the preeminent Jewish role in every aspect of the Syrian Horror and the Refugee Crisis

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the Syrian civil war and how the Zionist forces in the United States and Israel were responsible for the creation of ISIS. He brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, who agreed that it made sense for the Russians to be aiding the Syrian government, which is the only effective fighting force taking on ISIS.


They then moved on to the necessity of having spokesmen for European interests speak out on Jewish power using empirical data and arguments that are persuasive and verifiable. They talked about the problem of having Jewish intellectual leadership not only of mainstream left movements in our society but also on the right as well. Professor MacDonald explained why recent developments give him optimism regarding the future.

This is a fascinating show that will give you plenty to take away. Please share it widely.

Click here and look for the show dated 9-30-15.

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My New Tattoo Is My First Tattoo


It’s time to take a break from my usual ramblings and rants against Jews and the race mixing filths to talk a little bit about my personal life.  This past weekend, I finished my move into my new apartment and so far it is going rather well.  A good associate of mine introduced me to a Latino male who does tattoos.  I have been quite curious about the tattoos ever since my younger siblings got theirs a few years ago.  My first rule for tattoos is that it must first be a meaningful display of something very important to you or about you that conveys something rather meaningful.  That means I won’t be getting a tattoo of some dumbass slut female (i am a proud misogynist since most women are evil) or something that goes about my personal beliefs or national socialist values.  The tattoo that I have chosen to go with is an image of the Eye of Horus, a tribute to the ancient Egyptian gods of the powerful Pharaohs of Egypt.  Despite what some white morons will say the ancient Egyptians were African and their great attributes and contributions to the history of the world cannot be denied.

However, for myself, the Eye of Horus is a testament to the greatness of the gods of my ancestors and how they have helped me to perverse and to withstand all of the evil visited upon me by Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Freemasons and other agents of the Jews.  I will place the tattoo on the front side of my chest over my heart as a tribute to the greatness and kindness that the gods have given to me over the past 20 years of my life and the past 8 year as I have been fighting for the freedom of my people.  To me, the eye of horus has always stood for protection, new life, rebirth, and a tribute to the god Horus, whom the story of the make believe character of Jesus son of Mary is directly stolen from for Jesus never existed at all.  I have a theory that the entire Christian religion of life, death, rebirth, crucifixion, and redemption is all taken from the ancient Egyptian pagan faith.  None the less, I am very excited and I cannot wait for this Saturday to complete this tattoo and show off my new ink!


Soda, sports drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks, and coffee drinks are just some of the sugar-sweetened beverages highlighted in a new study on fructose, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Harvard Public Health researchers studied how sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup affect the human body and found that just one or two servings of sugary beverages a day could lead to excessive weight gain and a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease.

“Our findings underscore the urgent need for public health strategies that reduce the consumption of these drinks,” said the study’s lead author Dr. Frank Hu, a nutrition and epidemiology professor at Harvard School of Public Health, in a press release. “Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages can lead to weight gain because the liquid calories are not filling, and so people don’t reduce their food intake at subsequent meals.”

Hu and his colleagues examined data from past studies and found that only one or two servings per day of a sugary beverage, like soda, fruit juice, or the like, could increase risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 26 percent. One or two servings was also found to increase risk of experiencing a heart attack or dying from heart disease by 35 percent, while also increasing risk of stroke by 16 percent.

People rarely consume fructose by itself. Instead, fructose makes its way into a person’s diet from fructose-containing sugars like sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which are found in sugar-sweetened beverages. Fructose naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables, and is typically consumed in healthy quantities without increasing risk of disease. However, when it’s processed by manufacturers, it’s often added to a wide variety of frequently consumed products like soda, and even bread. Accumulating evidence has linked consuming one or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day to an unhealthy amount of weight gain and eventually obesity.

Hu explained that part of the problem is how fructose breaks down in the body. Fructose is quickly metabolized by the liver, but when there is more sugar than the liver can process, it converts the sugar into fat. Some of that fat is sent into the bloodstream, which is how people develop high triglyceride levels. According to the Mayo Clinic, having high levels of fat in the bloodstream can increase a person’s risk of heart disease.

Americans began eating high levels of HFCS when manufacturers began using it over sugar — it’s far cheaper. Between 1970 and 1990, use of HFCS increased over 1,000 percent in commercial products, a dramatic growth for the sweetener industry. Today, half of the U.S. population consumes sugar-sweetened beverages every day, and a quarter of it gets at least 200 calories per day from them.

Hu believes that if the nutrition labels on products can be improved to clearly define the amount of added sugar a product contains, and how much a person should consume each day, then consumers will become more educated in what they’re drinking. Ultimately, they’ll be able to reduce how much they drink.

“Although reducing the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages or added sugar alone is unlikely to solve the obesity epidemic entirely,” Hu said, “limiting intake is one simple change that will have a measurable impact on weight control and prevention of cardio-metabolic diseases.”

Aspirin doubles survival rates in certain cancer patients

A recent study reveals the true benefits of Aspirin to cancer patients, who in some cases can double their chances of survival by taking a tablet just once a day. According to a report from Medical News Today, patients with gastrointestinal cancers can have a much higher chance of surviving if they take aspirin once a day.

Researchers led by Dr. Martine Frouws of Leidin University Medical Center in the Netherlands, has shown that aspirin can not only help treat gastrointestinal cancer, but it can help prevent the disease in the first place. Recent reports that aspirin could help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer have surfaced on news outlets, and additional research suggests that aspirin may help the response in patients receiving blood treatments for breast, skin, and bowel cancers.

Dr. Frouws and her colleagues wanted to determine how aspirin influences the survival rate in patients with tumors in their gastrointestinal tracts, including the rectum, the colon, and the esophagus. While these regions are all situated in different places in the body, each is associated with the same system involved in digesting food.

The study looked at 13,715 patients who were diagnosed with some form of GI cancer between 1999 and 2011. The doctors followed the patients for a median of 48.6 months, and found that 42.8 percent of patients had colon cancer, 25.4 percent had rectal cancer, and 10.2 percent had esophageal tumors.

The researchers linked patient data with information on the drugs administered to see how aspirin use affected the outcomes of different GI cancer patients. The drug dispersing information was gathered from the PHARMO Institute in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Dr. Frouws noted that the study analyzed separate prescriptions for each patient, and was able to fish out a more accurate estimate of the real effects aspirin had on cancer survival rates.

Dr. Frouws and her team found that overall, nearly 31 percent of patients had used aspirin regularly before their GI cancer diagnosis, while only 8.3 percent continued to use it after being diagnosed. 61 percent of the participants did not take aspirin on a regular basis.

The study found that across each different type of gastrointestinal cancer, nearly 28 percent of the patients survived for a minimum of five years. Patients who used aspirin during their bout with GI cancer were found to be twice as likely to survive than patients who stopped using aspirin after being diagnosed, or patients that didn’t use aspirin at all.

The study’s findings held up after controlling for various factors including age, sex, the stage of the cancer, the types of treatments the patient was receiving, and other medical issues.

While researchers still aren’t quite sure how aspirin exactly helps prevent death from cancer, they are confident that their results were not influenced by any other factors they failed to consider. Some researchers believe that aspirin’s antiplatelet properties could be partially responsible. Circulating tumor cells, or CTCs, use platelets in the blood to block themselves from the immune system’s antibodies. Aspirin blocks the function of blood platelets, which leaves CTCs vulnerable to attack from white blood cells and other antibodies.

Even though the optimal dose of aspirin and the recommended duration of its use have not been accurately determined, researchers still believe that aspirin is safe to use and could provide real benefits to a number of patients suffering from GI cancers.

Aspirin is inexpensive and off patent, which means it can be manufactured by a wide range of different companies. It has few serious side effects, and can produce a large net positive effect on the nation’s healthcare systems and patients.

Dr. Frouws explained the medical research field’s transition to focusing on personalized medicine, but noted that many personalized treatments can be extremely expensive and are typically only effective in small populations. By determining the beneficial effects of a popular and common drug like aspirin, she believes that more people could benefit as a whole while freeing up more resources to study more personalized treatments.

The research team will continue to study the effects of aspirin on cancer survival rates, as they plan to conduct a randomized, placebo-controlled trial that seeks to determine how an 80 mg dose of aspirin affects elderly patients suffering from colon cancer specifically.

Factors like genetics have been shown to influence the effectiveness of aspirin on patients suffering from GI cancer as well. A genetic analysis in 2013 showed that while aspirin still increased overall survival rates in women suffering from GI cancer, people that had two variants of a specific gene, SNP rs16973225 – AC or CC, showed no measurable response to taking aspirin. While these variations are rare, they can be instrumental in understanding which patients could benefit from aspirin.

As researchers continue to search for the optimal dose and frequency of aspirin treatment, they become one step closer to developing a simple preventative treatment for one of the nastiest cancers around.

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Israel undermines U.S. peace effort, Palestinian Abbas tells U.N

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday accused Israel of sabotaging U.S. efforts to broker peace and said Israeli security operations at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem could lead to a religious war.

In an address to the United Nations General Assembly before a ceremony for the raising of the Palestinian flag at U.N. headquarters in New York, Abbas said the Palestinian Authority no longer considered itself bound by the accords signed with Israel in the mid-1990s.

Reiterating what the Palestinian Authority has been saying for at least half a decade, Abbas said the agreements would not apply as long as Israel supports settlements of Israelis in the West Bank and refuses to release Palestinian prisoners.

“You are all aware that Israel undermined the efforts made by the administration of President Barack Obama in past years, most recently the efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry aimed at reaching a peace agreement through negotiations,” Abbas told the 193-nation General Assembly.

A senior U.S. administration official noted that Abbas reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution, a goal shared by the United States.

“We will continue to look to the Israeli and Palestinian governments to demonstrate, through policies and actions, a genuine commitment to a two-state solution,” the official said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in response that Abbas’ speech was “deceitful and encourages incitement and lawlessness in the Middle East.”

“We expect and call on the (Palestinian) Authority and its leader to act responsibly and accede to the proposal of … Israel and enter into direct negotiations with Israel without preconditions,” it said, adding that Abbas “does not intend to reach a peace agreement.”

But Palestinian political analyst Hani al-Masri told Reuters that Abbas’ speech was disappointing and showed “undecidedness, confusion and a lack of options.”

“His speech is a repeat of old positions and there was nothing new,” he added. “There were no bombshells, not even any fireworks.”

Obama, whose relations with Netanyahu have been strained, addressed the assembly on Monday but did not mention Israel or the Palestinians, an unusual omission.

Abbas praised French efforts to revive stalled peace negotiations and called for a national unity government that would unite the fractious Palestinian political scene.

“We are determined to preserve the unity of our land and our people,” Abbas said. “We seek to form a national unity government that functions according to the program of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and we seek to hold presidential and legislative elections.”

Abbas’ Fatah controls the West Bank, while Hamas, branded a terrorist organization byIsrael and the United States, controls the Gaza Strip.

Israeli-Palestinian strife has risen sharply in recent weeks as Arab states and Palestinians have accused Israeli forces of violations at Al-Aqsa mosque, one of Islam’s holiest places.

Abbas said Israel’s use of “brutal force” at the mosque could “convert the conflict from a political to (a) religious one, creating an explosive in Jerusalem and in the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Even though Palestine is not a member of the United Nations, the General Assembly adopted a Palestinian-drafted resolution that permits non-member observer states to fly their flags alongside those of full member states. Palestine and the Vatican are the only non-member observer states.

In 2012, the General Assembly approved the de facto recognition of the sovereign state of Palestine. That followed a failed bid by the Palestinians to secure full U.N. membership.

Jews: “It shouldn’t be illegal to rape animals!”

These vile beasts can never stop their genetically inherited urges to pollute and destroy. We need a REAL final solution Now!

The depraved homophile Jew Adam Cwejman leads the Liberal Youth organizationLiberala ungdomsförbundet’ (LUF) in Sweden. Shortly after attending the disgusting gay pride parade, where AIDS-infected faggots try to spread diseases and indoctrinate children into their sick sexually deviant cult, this filthy Jew held a speech at the LUF congress where he demanded that the criminalization of bestiality was a ridiculous nazi-inspired law and an unneccessary stigma against “those who love animals”. The vile Kike Cwejman argued that it is too harsh to punish those who wish to “have sex with” [rape] animals as long as the animal “is not hurt” [doesn’t die].

According to himself, most of his relatives were transformed into soap, lampshade, Jew-lard, slippers and doormats in the Holohoax. Unfortunately Adam Cwejman survived and is actively poisoning Sweden. The Jew Cwejman became a member of Liberal Youth (LUF) in spring 2006, was second vice president of the LUF West in 2007, and entered into the LUF executive in 2008. He has previously worked as an ombudsman in Liberal Youth West and the European elections ombudsman for LUF.

Beastiality is a vigorously defended central part of Semitic racial tradition

Raping an innocent dog repeatedly would seem wrong to a normal human being. Jews are neither normal nor human…

Jewish newspaper New York Times promotes animal-rapist bestial Jews and their beastly acts against innocent animals. It is hard to understand for most people, that Jews are depraved creatures born completely evil. These poisoners of the planet will not be missed after the REAL final solution.

Jewish animal-rapist David Zimmerman likes to rape innocent dogs. His Jewish ancestors systematically raped innocent German and other European women and girls during and after WW2. Rape seems to be a hereditary Jewish desire. In the defense of bestial World Jewry, Jews say that the raping of innocent animals is based on a “mutual sexual desire”. In other words, the Jew says that the dogs appreciate being forcibly raped by filthy vile enemy Jews.

Saudi Arabia calls on Assad to leave or be removed by force

Saudi Arabia says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must leave office or face being removed via military intervention.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir made the remarks at the UN general assembly in New York on Tuesday following a meeting with his country’s allies.

“There is no future for Assad in Syria,” Jubeir said. “There are two options for a settlement in Syria. One option is a political process where there would be a transitional council. The other option is a military option, which also would end with the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power.”

He noted that a military option would be a lengthier and more destructive process, but the “choice is entirely that of Bashar al-Assad.”

The Saudi foreign minister also admitted that the kingdom and other countries are already backing “moderate rebels” fighting the Damascus government but refrained from commenting on the specifics of a military option.

“Whatever we may or may not do we’re not talking about,” he said.

Saudi Arabia is currently engaged in a military aggression in Yemen, which it launched on March 26 – without a United Nations mandate. According to a report released on September 19 by the Yemen’s Civil Coalition, over 6,000 Yemenis have so far lost their lives in the airstrikes, and a total of nearly 14,000 people have been injured.

Syria has been gripped by deadly violence since 2011. According to the UN, some 250,000 people have been killed in the conflict and millions of others have been displaced.

ISIS cut out healthy captives’ kidneys and corneas and drain their blood for transplants… while others are forced to endure daily torture, reveals prisoner who escaped their clutches

  • Strong and healthy ISIS prisoners are singled out and escape daily torture
  • Former captive claims they are used as ‘blood banks’ by terror group
  • Also said kidneys and corneas were taken from captives in Raqqa, Syria
  • Claimed militants said their fighters were ‘more deserving’ of the organs

ISIS doctors are harvesting organs and draining the blood of healthy captives’, a former prisoner has revealed.

Abo Rida said surgeons for the terror group removed kidneys and corneas from prisoners and treated them as ‘blood banks’ for wounded fighters.

He also revealed how those not strong enough for organ donation were forced to endure daily torture at the hands of barbaric IS militants in Raqqa, Syria.

Scroll down for video 

A former prisoner has revealed that ISIS doctors are harvesting organs and draining the blood of healthy captives'

A former prisoner has revealed that ISIS doctors are harvesting organs and draining the blood of healthy captives’

A former captive revealed that kidneys and corneas had been taken from prisoners for injured jihadists

A former captive revealed that kidneys and corneas had been taken from prisoners for injured jihadists

Rida, who managed to escape the jihadists clutches,  said the situation inside their make-shift prisons is getting ‘worse day after day.’

He revealed that healthy and strong prisoners were ‘taken special care’ of by the militants and escaped day-long torture sessions.

‘ISIS was using them as a blood bank to withdraw blood when they need it for injured members,’ he said.

But, Rida revealed that doctors were also harvesting organs from their captives.

‘They moved organs such as kidneys and corneas from the prisoners.’ he told a website run by anti-ISIS activists.

He said the terror group argued that ‘the fate of these prisoners (was) inevitable death’ and the jihadists were ‘more deserving’ of the organs.

Another captive told how the doctors would normally come looking for blood shortly after inmates would hear explosions.

Other times, they would not hear anything and assume IS fighters had been involved in bloody battles.

Rida told how those held captive with him endured ‘all kinds of torture’ after being accused of crimes including insulting Allah, trying to topple the jihadists, and being part of the free army.

He said the torture would last all day and there was no ‘specific time’ for it to start and finish.

Four months ago he managed to escape during the confusion and dust after the prison suffered a direct hit during a counter terrorism raid.

‘Not many of us could escape because ISIS members fired at us,’ he said.

Rida was one of only four who made it to safety.

This is not the first time the terror group has been accused of harvesting organs.

See more of the latest news and updates on Islamic State and the war in Syria

Those captives not deemed strong enough by Islamic State are forced to endure brutal torture sessions

Those captives not deemed strong enough by Islamic State are forced to endure brutal torture sessions

Abo Rida, who managed to escape the militants, told how the conditions of IS captives were getting worse each day

Abo Rida, who managed to escape the militants, told how the conditions of IS captives were getting worse each day

Earlier this year the UN were urged to investigate Islamic State terrorists' bloody trade in human organs

Earlier this year the UN were urged to investigate Islamic State terrorists’ bloody trade in human organs

ISIS executes ten men in blue jumpsuits as suspected spies
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Earlier this year the United Nations were urged to investigate Islamic State terrorists’ bloody trade in human organs in Iraq.

Iraqi ambassador Mohamed Alhakim claimed that dozens of bodies with surgical incisions and missing body parts have been found in shallow mass graves near Mosul

They were also said to have murdered doctors who refused to take part in organ harvesting.

Mr Alhakim said: ‘We have bodies. Come and examine them. It is clear they are missing certain parts.’

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Shocking truth: How UK helped kill millions of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan

There is possibly a time when Tony Blair is going to have to deal with the consequences of his actions over Iraq with the coming Chilcot inquiry report – however long that may take. And even then, the Chilcot report is likely to be nothing more than a whitewashing of the truth.

“I think it was an illegal war,” Jeremy Corbyn said in an interview with BBC2’s Newsnight adding that former UN secretary general had confirmed that. “Therefore he (Blair) has to explain that.”

Calls for Tony Blair to face war crimes are accelerating and it is hardly surprising now we know what we know to be true. And what we now know is truly shocking, even though the British media has universally refused to report it. Type the keywords of this report into Google (such as ‘war on terror, killed four million Muslims) and the British press are 100% absent, so it is worth reading.

Landmark research proves that the US-led ‘war on terror’ has killed much higher numbers than previously reported and this is only a fraction of Western responsibility for deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two decades.

Back in March this year, the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PRS) released a landmark study concluding that the death toll from 10 years of the “War on Terror” since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million. But still, the reality is much worse as the report concludes.

The 97-page report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctors’ group is the first to tally up the total number of civilian casualties from US-UK led interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Yet this report has been almost completely blacked out by the English-language media, despite being the first effort by a world-leading public health organisation to produce a scientifically robust calculation of the number of people killed by the US-UK-led “war on terror”.

The PSR report is described by Dr Hans von Sponeck, former UN assistant secretary-general, as “a significant contribution to narrowing the gap between reliable estimates of victims of war, especially civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and tendentious, manipulated or even fraudulent accounts”.

The report conducts a critical review of previous death toll estimates of “war on terror” casualties. It is heavily critical of the figure most widely cited by mainstream media as authoritative, namely, the Iraq Body Count (IBC) estimate of 115,000 dead. Latest figure here.

According to the PSR study, the much-disputed Lancet study that estimated 655,000 Iraq deaths up to 2006 (and over a million until today by extrapolation) was likely to be far more accurate than IBC’s figures. In fact, the report confirms a virtual consensus among epidemiologists on the reliability of the Lancet study.

In the meantime, Global Research compiled a chronological and descriptive list of how exactly Tony Blair is implicated in the illegal attacks and the awful consequences as this report highlights. One can only conclude from this that Blair should be in the dock.

  • In March 2003, Mr Blair, while Prime Minister, likely participated with several high-ranking United States leaders in committing the crime of aggression against Iraq.
  • The crime of aggression is the “supreme international crime,” as declared by the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1946.
  • In addition to being prohibited by international law, the crime of aggression is a crime also defined by the International Criminal Court in the Hague, over which it may have the opportunity to exercise jurisdiction in the coming years. “Resort to a war of aggression is not merely illegal, but is criminal.” United States v. Hermann Goering, et al., 41 AM. J. INT’L L. 172, 186, 218-220 (1946); see also Charter Int’l Military Tribunal, art. 6(a), Aug. 8, 1945, 59 Stat. 1546, 82 U.N.T.S. 279.
  • In 2004, Secretary General Kofi Annan declared the Iraq War illegal and in contravention of the United Nations Charter.
  • In 2006, a former prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, Benjamin Ferencz, stated that the Iraq War was a “clear breach of law.” “There’s no such thing as a war without atrocities, but war-making is the biggest atrocity of law.”
  • In 2010, a Dutch inquiry concluded that the Iraq War had no basis in international law.
  • In 2010, Hans Blix, the former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations, stated that it was his “firm view” that the Iraq War was illegal.
  • In 2012, judges empanelled before the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, an independent commission headed by former judges and involving input from several international law scholars, concluded that a prima facie case existed that Mr Blair committed the crime of aggression against Iraq. The tribunal reported its findings to the International Criminal Court in the Hague and entered the name of Mr Blair in its “Register of War Criminals.”
  • In 2012, Archbishop Desmond Tutu summarized that the “immoral” invasion, “premised on a lie,” has “destabilized and polarised the world to a greater extent than any other conflict in history,” and questioned why Mr Blair was not “made to answer” for his actions in the Hague.
  • In May 2014, former Prime Minister John Major urged Mr Blair to seek publication of all his pre-war communications concerning the Iraq War. To this day, the Iraq War Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot has been forced to negotiate as to what communications it can and cannot release in its report.

An earlier PSR study by Beth Daponte, then a US government Census Bureau demographer, found that Iraq deaths caused by the direct and indirect impact of the first Gulf War amounted to around 200,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians. Meanwhile, her internal government study was censored.

After US-led forces pulled out, the war on Iraq continued in economic form through the US-UK imposed UN sanctions regime, on the pretext of denying Saddam Hussein the materials necessary to make weapons of mass destruction. Items banned from Iraq under this rationale included a vast number of items needed for everyday life.

Undisputed UN figures show that 1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were children.

The mass death was seemingly intended. Among items banned by the UN sanctions were chemicals and equipment essential for Iraq’s national water treatment system. A secret US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) document discovered by Professor Thomas Nagy of the School of Business at George Washington University amounted, he said, to “an early blueprint for genocide against the people of Iraq“.

In his paper for the Association of Genocide Scholars at the University of Manitoba, Professor Nagi explained that the DIA document revealed “minute details of a fully workable method to ‘fully degrade the water treatment system’ of an entire nation” over a period of a decade.

This means that in Iraq alone, the US-UK led war from 1991 to 2003 killed 1.9 million Iraqis; then from 2003 onwards around 1 million: totalling just under 3 million Iraqis dead over two decades.

Politicians in the UK knew what they were doing and the immense toll it was taking on innocent civilians, yet stood back from this act of genocide and effectively censored the intelligence from the British people.

The report is just as damning for Afghanistan. A retired biochemist at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Polya concludes that total avoidable Afghan deaths since 2001 under ongoing war and occupation-imposed deprivation amount to around 3 million people, about 900,000 of whom are infants under five.

In a 2001 National Academy of Sciences report, Forced Migration and Mortality, leading epidemiologist Steven Hansch, a director of Relief International, noted that total excess mortality in Afghanistan due to the indirect impacts of war through the 1990s could be anywhere between 200,000 and 2 million. The Soviet Union, of course, also bore responsibility for its role in devastating civilian infrastructure, thus paving the way for these deaths.

Altogether, this suggests that the total Afghan death toll due to the direct and indirect impacts of US-led intervention since the early nineties until now could be as high 3-5 million.

According to the figures explored here, total deaths from Western interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 1990s – from direct killings and the longer-term impact of war-imposed deprivation – likely constitute around 4 million (2 million in Iraq from 1991-2003, plus 2 million from the “war on terror”).

The report concluded – “The total figure could be as high as 6-8 million people when accounting for higher avoidable death estimates in Afghanistan”.

Such figures could well be too high, but will never know for sure. US and UK armed forces, as a matter of policy, refuse to keep track of the civilian death toll of military operations – they are an irrelevant inconvenience.

Due to the severe lack of data in Iraq, almost complete non-existence of records in Afghanistan, and the indifference of Western governments to civilian deaths, it is literally impossible to determine the true extent of loss of life. One thing is for sure, the numbers are enormous, much greater than we have been led to believe by so-called ‘official sources’.

It is of no surprise that many have joined armed groups in these regions. Many have lost not just loved ones but entire families, homes, communities, businesses and their homeland as well and have nothing left to lose.

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