Why Did I Become A Teacher?

I am often asked as to why did i decide to become a teacher when i seem to post nothing but negative comments on the state of the american public education system and the answer is very simple; i thought that i could change the lives of most of the students that i came in contact with.  However, i am now getting the sense that the ones that have the most influence in their lives (their parents, their peers, and their siblings) will be the ones who can make the positive change in their lives for the better.

After graduation from college in 2011, i bounced around between security jobs, retail work, and even a stint at the prison system as a corrections officer.  When i decided to enter into the field of education as a substitute teacher, i found that it wasn’t too bad if you could just find a way to manage the classroom and build positive relationships with the students; which i was able to succeed at while working as a long term substitute teacher.  So, after talking to my mentor and high school teacher, i decided to give it a try and figuring that if i didn’t care for it, i could leave within 3 to 5 years.  My high school teacher warned me that would be the best option as the youth are future juvenile delinquent cunts who don’t deserve the kindness of their teachers and little did i know that she would be correct.

So, in May of 2013, i began as an alternative education candidate at Texas Teachers and completed the first stage of the program in July of 2013 and was offered a job in a district in the suburbs of Houston.  It was a good place to work in a mostly upper middle class place with about 30 percent of the student population on free or reduced lunch.  The first 6 months went by as usual and my strategy of gaining parental involvement through emails and phone calls and creating individualized assignments for some students.

Then i hit the wall of both mental and physical fatigue and getting little to no administrative support when some students began spreading rumors about me because they didn’t like that i was trying to help one of my students with a bullying problem.  It was hinted to me by administration that since the students had parents in the PTA, they had to back off on supporting me.  I was very close to quitting, but decided to stay for the sake of my team members, but i knew that i had to finish my master’s degree that i had started in March of 2013, but i had to take a year off to ensure that i would be able to have a successful first year as a teacher..

Now fastforward to the present day as i now work in the field of alternative discipline education and having to put up with verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of future delinquents has caused my hatred and violent anger at both the students and parents and society to increase exponentially that i have now almost checked out of my job.  Thank the gods that maybe i will be able to go work at a basic job since my expenses will become lower thanks to getting rid of my car note.  That’s the thing about the future, it is so unpredictable, but i am beginning to long for a life free of education as a teacher.  If only i could stay in college for the rest of my life as a student, but that would be a pipe dream worth living!



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