With New Sanctions, Senate Forces President’s Hand on Russia

The Senate on Thursday approved sweeping sanctions against Russia, forcing President Trump to decide whether to accept a tougher line against Moscow or issue a politically explosive veto amid investigations into ties between his presidential campaign and Russian officials.

The Senate vote, 98-2, followed the passage of a House bill earlier this week to punish Russia, Iran and North Korea for various violations by each of the three American adversaries. In effect, it would sharply limit the president’s ability to suspend or lift sanctions on Russia, and won near unanimous support across the Republican-led Congress.

Mr. Trump’s team has argued it needs flexibility to pursue a more collaborative diplomacy with Russia which, by American intelligence consensus, interfered in last year’s presidential election. But now the president will face a decision he had hoped to avoid as the legislation slowly churned through Congress.

White House aides have acknowledged privately that a veto would be politically awkward — at the least — for Mr. Trump to justify during the continuing investigations into whether his campaign colluded with Moscow.

Last week, after House and Senate leaders announced an agreement on sanctions, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the incoming White House press secretary, suggested that Mr. Trump would sign the final package. Since then, though, the administration has hedged, saying that Mr. Trump will have to review the measure.

“The administration supports sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. We continue to support strong sanctions against those three countries,” Ms. Sanders said on Thursday. “And we’re going to wait and see what that final legislation looks like, and make a decision at that point.”

The sanctions target human rights abusers, suppliers of weapons to the Assad regime in Syria and those undermining cybersecurity, among others. The House passed its version on Tuesday, by a vote of 419-3. The Senate last month passed a similar bill, 98-2, that punished only Russia and Iran.


Freed From ISIS, Yazidi Women Return in ‘Severe Shock’

SHARIYA CAMP, Iraq — The 16-year-old lies on her side on a mattress on the floor, unable to hold up her head. Her uncle props her up to drink water, but she can barely swallow. Her voice is so weak, he places his ear directly over her mouth to hear her.

The girl, Souhayla, walked out of the most destroyed section of Mosul this month, freed after three years of captivity and serial rape when her Islamic State captor was killed in an airstrike. Her uncle described her condition as “shock.” He had invited reporters to Souhayla’s bedside so they could document what the terror group’s system of sexual abuse had done to his niece.

“This is what they have done to our people,” said Khalid Taalo, her uncle.

Since the operation to take back Mosul began last year, approximately 180 women, girls and children from the Yazidi ethnic minority who were captured in 2014 by the Islamic State, or ISIS, have been liberated, according to Iraq’s Bureau for the Rescue of Abductees.

Women rescued in the first two years after ISIS overran their ancestral homeland came home with infections, broken limbs and suicidal thoughts. But now, after three years of captivity, women like Souhayla and two others seen last week by reporters, are far more damaged, displaying extraordinary signs of psychological injury.

“Very tired,” “unconscious” and “in severe shock and psychological upset” were the descriptions used by Dr. Nagham Nawzat Hasan, a Yazidi gynecologist who has treated over 1,000 of the rape victims.

“We thought the first cases were difficult,” Dr. Hasan said. “But those after the liberation of Mosul, they are very difficult.”

The shock expresses itself in women and girls who sleep for days on end, seemingly unable to wake up, said Hussein Qaidi, the director of the abductee rescue bureau. “Ninety percent of the women coming out are like this,” he said, for at least part of the time after their return.

Both Souhayla and her family asked that she be identified as well as photographed, in an effort to shed light on their community’s suffering. Her uncle posted her image on Facebook immediately after her release with a description of what ISIS had done to her.

For over a year, Mr. Taalo said, he had known his niece’s location, as well as the name of the Islamic State fighter holding her. He enlisted the help of a smuggler who at great risk photographed Souhayla through the window of the house where she was being held and sent the images to her family.

But it was too perilous to try a rescue.

Souhayla escaped on July 9, two days after an airstrike collapsed a wall in the building where she was being held, burying another Yazidi girl who had been held alongside her and killing the captor who had abused them, her uncle said.

At that point, she was strong enough to clamber through the rubble and make her way to the first Iraqi checkpoint.

When her family drove to pick her up, she ran to embrace them.

“I ran to her and she ran to me and we started crying and then we started laughing as well,” said Mr. Taalo, the brother of Souhayla’s father, who remains missing after the Islamic State took over their hometown. “We stayed like that holding each other, and we kept crying and laughing, until we fell to the ground.”

But within hours, she stopped speaking, he said.

By the time they reached the camp where her mother and extended family had found refuge after the Islamic State overran their village, Souhayla slipped into what appeared to be unconsciousness. The doctors who examined her have prescribed antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.

She also shows signs of malnutrition.

Neither explain her extreme symptoms, said her family and one of the doctors who examined her.

“I’m happy to be home,” she whispered with difficulty into her uncle’s ear, in response to a reporter’s question, “but I’m sick.”

The Islamic State had been ruling Mosul for two months in 2014 when the group’s leaders set their sights on Sinjar, a 60-mile-long, yellow massif to the north. Its foothills and mountain villages have long been the bedrock of life for the Yazidi, a tiny minority who account for less than 2 percent of Iraq’s population of 38 million.

The centuries-old religion of the Yazidi revolves around worship of a single God, who in turn created seven sacred angels. These beliefs led the Islamic State to label the Yazidi as polytheists, a perilous category in the terrorist group’s nomenclature.

Relying on a little-known and mostly defunct corpus of Islamic law, the Islamic State argued that the minority’s religious standing rendered them eligible for enslavement.

On Aug. 3, 2014, convoys of fighters sped up the escarpment, fanning out across the adjoining valleys. Among the first towns they passed on their way up the mountain was Til Qasab, with its low-slung concrete buildings surrounded by plains of blond grass.

That’s where Souhayla, then 13, lived.

A total of 6,470 Yazidis on the mountain were abducted, according to Iraqi officials, including Souhayla. Three years later, 3,410 remain in captivity or unaccounted for, Mr. Qaidi of the abductee rescue bureau said.

For the first two years of her captivity, Souhayla made her way through the Islamic State’s system of sexual slavery, raped by a total of seven men, she and her uncle said.

When the push for Mosul began, she was moved progressively deeper into the area hardest hit by the conflict, as security forces squeezed the terrorist group into a sliver of land near the Tigris River. The area was pummeled by artillery, airstrikes and car bombs, and strafed by helicopter-gunship fire.

As the Islamic State began losing its grip on the city, Souhayla’s captor cut her hair short, like a boy’s. She understood he was planning to try to slip past Iraqi security forces, disguised as a refugee, and take her with him, her uncle said.

Souhayla eating dinner in her uncle’s tent, a white bandage covering an IV site and a scar from her effort to slit her wrist during her captivity. CreditAlex Potter for The New York Times

Mr. Taalo now spends his days nursing his niece back to health. To sit up, she grasped one of the metal ribs holding up her family’s tent and pulled herself into a sitting position, as her uncle pushed from behind. But soon her strength was sapped, and she flopped back down.

He used a washcloth to dab her forehead, as she lay in his lap. Her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled back.

After her escape, almost two weeks passed before she was able to stand for more than a few minutes, her legs unsteady.

Officials say recent escapees are also showing an unusual degree of indoctrination.

Two Yazidi sisters, ages 20 and 26, arrived at the Hamam Ali 1 refugee camp, where they drew the attention of camp officials because they wore face-covering niqabs and refused to take them off, despite the fact that Yazidi women do not cover their faces.

They described the Islamic State fighters who raped them as their “husbands” and as “martyrs,” said Muntajab Ibraheem, a camp official and director of the Iraqi Salvation Humanitarian Organization.

In their arms were the three toddlers they had given birth to in captivity, the children of their rapists. But they refused to nurse them, said the smuggler sent by their family to fetch them.

He and camp officials filled out paperwork so that the children could be given to the state, he said.

A video recorded on the smuggler’s phone shows what happened when the sisters saw their family for the first time after their return. Their relatives rushed to embrace the gaunt women. They cried.

Their mother, distraught, stepped behind the tent, trying to steady herself.

A day after the video was taken, reporters went to see the women, and they could no longer stand. They lay on mattresses inside the plastic walls of their tent.

Despite the loud voices around them and the flow of visitors, despite their mother’s wail, they did not budge.

Cars pulled up outside, bringing relatives carrying pallets of orange soda. They left the tent, hands over their mouths, trying to hold back sobs.

Family members said that except for a few brief moments, the women have not awakened since then, over a week ago.


Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci’s meltdown Wednesday night over the surreptitious release of his public financial disclosure form was hardly the first time the Trump White House has gone ballistic about “leakers.” President Donald Trump himself has set the tone, repeatedly complaining publicly and privately about White House leaks to the media, threatening to punish them with unspecified criminal legal action.

But when it comes to whistleblowers who are not leaking against him personally, the Trump administration’s anti-government, anti-bureaucracy stance has had a much different impact, according to the nation’s largest whistleblower support organization, the Government Accountability Project (GAP).

“President Trump’s intolerance against dissent for him speaks for itself,” GAP Legal Director Tom Devine tells Newsweek. “But, on the other hand, he has made outstanding appointments so far to whistleblower agencies that enforce free speech rights in the federal bureaucracy. He campaigned as a citizen whistleblower against abuses of power by government bureaucracies, and many whistleblowers did support him.”


Whistleblowers Backing Trump

One of those whistleblowers is Transportation Security Administration Air Marshal Robert MacLean, who has been engaged in a years-long battle with the agency over retaliation he experienced after he revealed that the TSA had abruptly yanked air marshals off long-haul flights in 2003—when the threat of suicide hijackers remained critical—to save money on overnight hotels.

The TSA came under heavy criticism for the decision within 24 hours of MacLean’s tip to a reporter and quickly rescinded it. Three years later, after discovering he was the source of the leak, the agency fired MacLean.

MacLean’s case against the TSA for retaliation made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled 7-2 in his favor. He is still an air marshal but says he continues to be harassed, including being assigned to sit in an empty room, and has been reimbursed for only half of the pay he lost during the years after he was fired for publicizing the TSA decision. A father of three, he says he is nearly broke but has high hopes for Trump, and he blames Hillary Clinton for not supporting him in his fight against the TSA.

“I’d say everybody in my federal whistleblower community voted for Trump, including myself,” he tells Newsweek. “All of us see Mr. Trump as a whistleblower himself.”

The Obama administration took a notoriously punitive stand against whistleblowers who leaked classified national security information. Besides prosecuting and jailing U.S. Army leaker Chelsea Manning, who shared thousands of classified documents with WikiLeaks, including raw video footage of a U.S. helicopter gunning down reporters and civilians in Iraq, the feds jailed a former CIA analyst, John Kiriakou, over his revelations about torture.

The federal Whistleblower Protection Act protects an employee who discloses information revealing, among other things, “a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.” The law exempts employees from protection if the disclosure is “specifically prohibited by law.”

Classified information generally falls under that exemption.

But financial disclosure forms like the one newly appointed Trump communications director Scaramucci filed—which revealed he still stands to reap millions from his hedge fund while employed at the White House—are not classified. But they can be embarrassing.

On Twitter late Wednesday night, Scaramucci threatened to alert the Department of Justice and, cryptically, also tweeted at White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, leading to rampant speculation that he blames the former Republican Party operative for the public airing of his financial information. He called the leak “a felony,” then subsequently deleted the tweet. Scaramucci said on CNN Thursday morning that he didn’t mean to single out Priebus as a leaker.

‘Rules Are Still Rigged’

The GAP holds its two-day annual Whistleblower Summit on Thursday and Friday in Washington, D.C., with speakers including U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings and staff from Senator Charles Grassley’s office, as well as lawyers and other officials tasked to protect whistleblowers in the federal government.

As part of the summit, more than 50 whistleblowers and 29 nongovernmental organizations signed a letter to Trump and Congress on how to “drain the swamp” of government bureaucracies by adding further safeguards to the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012. “Despite significant improvements on paper, in terms of enforcement the rules are still rigged against whistleblowers.”

The letter states: “We heard your pledge to drain the swamp with hope because all of us have risked our professional lives to challenge government abuses of power. After your victory, we will be on duty in the swamp helping to drain it. However, we think you will agree there are a lot of snakes and alligators here.… Entrenched government bureaucracies are highly skilled at eliminating any threat to their power. Your leadership will be essential for us to carry out your mandate.”

The organization made four main recommendations aimed at enhancing the law: allowing whistleblowers jury trials (currently they are limited to administrative adjudication); stronger protection against retaliation and harassment on the job, which has gotten worse since the 2012 act made it more difficult to fire whistleblowers; relief during the long cases, which typically last five years and leave whistleblowers without income; and a formal discipline system for “bureaucratic bullies” who harass whistleblowers.

The White House is not known to be sending any of its own leakers to the conference.

Robert David Steele Tells Rense He’s Using McKinney to Deliver the Black Vote to Trump



Renegade Editor’s Note: this is from an understandably upset black man who doesn’t like his people being exploited as a voting block. I sure wish White people would be more resentful of being used by fake “truth tellers” to support puppet politicians.

What is Cynthia McKinney doing with Robert David Steele in this #UNRIG thing? Steele says he’s looking to use Cynthia to “bring American black to the center” and get them to vote for Donald Trump. He also says he’s trying to hook up Cynthia with David Duke so she can go on his show and get the party started.

Father Of 8 Sentenced To Jail For Distributing Jury Nullification Pamphlets

By Claire Bernish

A former pastor from Michigan discovered the hard way that informing people of their rights under the law as jurors doesn’t sit well with the U.S. government when a judge sentenced him Friday to eight weekends in jail, six months of probation, and fines — all for passing out pamphlets discussing jury nullification.

Keith Wood contends passing out the information is well within his constitutional rights to inform potential and selected jurors that, enshrined in the Bill of Rights lies the potent ability to find a defendant not guilty if the law in question is unjust, flawed, or otherwise untenable — even if the accused indeed technically violated.

Jury nullification thus arguably acts as citizens’ access to checks and balances: When legislators craft worthless, harmful, inequitable, or just plain ‘bad’ laws, jurors can, in essence, refuse to enforce any punitive measures — refusing to find a person guilty of breaking a law that never should have been inked into the books.

This tool shines most prominently when used consistently to thwart oppressive policy. Illustrative of this principle is continued federal prohibition of cannabis and transformed public sentiment, as anti-marijuana propaganda falls apart at its politicized roots for the incarceration nightmare it created — among many others. Jurors faced with a choice in guilt of sending a nonviolent drug offender to prison might instead find the concept of incarcerating this petty ‘criminal’ who had done no harm to another unethical and ill-conceived — and choose instead a finding of not guilty to compensate for the unjust law.

But most judges refuse to or have strict rules against informing jurors about the little-known nullification right; so, Wood’s education activism, handing out pamphlets from the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA), entitled “Your Jury Rights: True or False?” in front of the court in Big Rapids, led to a verdict of guilty for attempting to influence a jury in Mecosta County.

Mecosta County jury finds Keith Wood guilty of jury tampering for distributing pamphlets outside courthouse. @wzzm13

Initially, Wood had been charged with a felony — which was dropped last March — for obstructing justice, and a misdemeanor jury tampering, carrying potential sentences of five years and one year, respectively; but prosecutors ultimately sought a sentence of 45 consecutive days with fines.

District Judge Kimberly Booher concurred the father of eight, husband, and sole family breadwinner should serve time, but felt the requested sentence too harsh in light of the circumstances and for his lack of prior offenses, ruling instead he will spend eight consecutive weekends in jail and work 120 hours of community service — suspended — provided he completes six months of probation without issue.

But the judge wasted no time having Wood begin his sentence, stating, after delivering the verdict,

“He’s going straight to jail today.”

Keith Wood gets 6 months of probation and 8 weekends in jail for distributing fliers outside Big Rapids courthouse in jury tampering case.

According to RT,

Prosecutors argued that Wood was trying to influence potential jurors before they heard a case against Andy Yoder, an Amish man who was accused of draining a wetland that was on his property.

Yoder took a plea deal that day and the case never went to trial. Wood said he did not know Yoder, and he only wanted to inform potential jurors that they had the right to vote their conscience over the law.

In June, a jury found Wood guilty of ‘attempting to influence a jury,’ which Michigan defines as “[willful] attempts to influence the decision of a juror in any case by argument or persuasion, other than as part of the proceedings in open court in the trial of the case” — despite his lack of knowledge or interest in specific cases ongoing at the time, as well as his presence on a public sidewalk abutting the courthouse in question.

“This is not a person who made a one-time mistake, he hasn’t demonstrated that he has kind of shown that he realizes now the significance of what he’s done, in fact the testimony shows the contrary,” prosecuting attorney, Nathan Hull, told WMXI, of Wood’s pamphleting outside the courthouse.

Wood’s attorneys contended the father had not discussed specific cases, and had merely been exercising First Amendment-protected free speech in distributing pamphlets to willing takers in a public area.

That prosecutors, judges, and now, a jury, found the distribution of educational material not only an (albeit murky) violation of the law, but worthy of locking a father of eight in a cage for any amount of time at all, vivifies the sharp shift toward authoritarian thinking over subjective analysis, morality, and ethics — and, perhaps, further emphasizes the reasoning behind Wood’s attempt to educate the public, in the first place.

“He exercised what he believes are his free speech rights, did it out on the sidewalk before this court, and that because of that, that deserves 45 days in jail, let alone one day in jail?” David Kallman, an attorney representing Wood, told a local FOX News affiliate. “I totally disagree with that.”

Indeed, while the rights, freedoms, and their protections traditionally afforded every American seemingly vanish by the hour, this case — a father sentenced to jail for even informing juries they have rights indelibly inked into the Constitution — proves we’re losing the battle with a control-freak State.

If educating our neighbors of their rights thus entails a possible stint in the slammer, it may behoove all of us to hit the books — as what happened to Keith Wood could prognosticate a coming tourniquet on the free flow of information.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Sheeple.

Native Swedes are Fleeing Sweden

Huge numbers of native Swedes are fleeing Sweden. Meanwhile, they are being replaced by hordes of Molsem invaders.


If this continues, Sweden will soon look like Somalia, Afghanistan or any other Arab country.

From Speisa:

Sweden’s population is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, emigration reaches record levels. Last year, 51,237 Swedes left the country. It is more than the peak reached in the late 1800s when there was an agriculture crisis in Sweden.

America is the most popular destination, again. – The proportion of emigrants in relation to the Swedish population as a whole is not as great as in the 1800s. But the fact remains. Sweden is also today a country of emigration, says Maria Solevid, a political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, to SVT.

Jewish Media Promoting Documentary Claiming That Adolf Hitler was Addicted to Crystal Meth

Even 70 years after World War II, the Jews continue to do everything in their power to demonize Adolf Hitler.

It doesn’t matter how weird or strange the claims might be, they will push any idea no matter how bizarre if it means a chance to publish more anti-Hitler propaganda. According to the UK Daily Mail, a new documentary is claiming that Hitler was addicted to Crystal Meth citing documents said to have originated from American military intelligence sources.

Interestingly enough, the documentary debunks other bizarre claims made about Hitler including the myths that he was a homosexual and lost a testicle during World War I.  These are themes that have previously been used to portray Hitler negatively.

Despite that, the Jewish press appears to be very happy that this documentary is providing them with fresh ammunition to paint Hitler as a deranged mad man.  Not only did he gas 60 trillion Jews and turn them into soap, but he apparently did so while addicted to Crystal Meth.

In order to reinforce this idea that Hitler was a Crystal Meth addict, many mainstream stories are bringing up the television series Breaking Bad.  Towards the end of the show’s run, the bad guys are depicted as a gang of Nazis who manufacture Crystal Meth.  How a pop culture reference to a fictional television show produced decades after Hitler’s death is relevant in any way is unknown, but clearly the Jews must think it is helpful in pushing their anti-Hitler propaganda.

The real problem I have with these new claims is the fact that Hitler has been lied about so many times, that it is impossible to believe anything the Jewish media says about him.  Although I’d have to see the documentary to be 100% sure – my first impression is that the files cited are either inaccurate – or the claims being made about Hitler’s drug use have been exaggerated for political purposes.

Below are just a few propaganda articles I found from the Jewish press promoting this story.




Lee Rogers
Daily Slave

More Africans Entered America in Last Decade than During 300 Years of Slave Trade

According to the New York Times, “between 2000 and 2010, the number of black African immigrants in the United States about doubled, to around one million,” and “more black Africans arrived in this country on their own than were imported directly to North America during the more than three centuries of the slave trade.” 

These large migrations have increased concerns about the entry of African immigrants into the U.S., since the deadly Ebola epidemic has ravaged the western part of the continent.

New York is “home to the largest proportion” of African immigrants and “about a third of black New Yorkers were born abroad, mostly in the Caribbean.” The Times noted that “Africans constitute about 4 percent of the city’s foreign-born population, but as much as 10 percent in the Bronx,” and, “from 2000 to 2011 the African-born population increased 39 percent to 128,000.” But “other estimates suggest that many more are living” in New York and America by having overstayed their visas or entered illegally.

Kim Nichols, an executive director of the African Services Committee, told the Times that African immigrants have “been doubling every 10 years since 1980.”African immigrants have also gone to “California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Texas and Virginia.”

According to Kevin D. Brown, a law professor at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, “many black immigrants do not identify with the historical experiences of discrimination encountered by blacks in the United States.”

As a result, race hustlers like Al Sharpton are less likely to influence them.


The Egomaniacs’ Ball: Chutzpah, Ethnocentrism and the Separation Solution



Tobias Langdon


“You can never be too rich or too thin.” That’s a memorable line from Wallis Simpson, the American divorcée who turned Edward VIII into an ex-king. It’s a self-aware joke about female psychology, but its humour also comes from the incongruity of the adjectives it uses. Wealth and weight are different kinds of variable. It’s easy for one human being to be thousands or even millions of times wealthier than another. And wealth can be negative in the form of debt.

The qualitative cliff

That doesn’t happen with weight, which varies in a much narrower range and never becomes negative. The fattest adult can’t be thousands of times heavier than the average adult and being too thin will prove fatal. If you look at the other ways in which we human beings vary, you can divide them into the wealth-like and the weight-like. Intelligence is like weight; political power is like wealth. When it comes to political power, Kim Jong-un of North Korea is a kind of cratic millionaire: he has supreme power over millions of people who possess almost no power at all. But the IQs of geniuses like Newton and Shakespeare probably weren’t even twice the average IQ of the populations they lived among, even though their influence has been millions of times greater than the average person’s.

It seems very difficult to raise intelligence substantially, whether we’re talking about groups or individuals. My own version of Wallis Simpson’s motto would be this: “You can never be too intelligent or too knowledgeable.” But knowledge is much easier to acquire than intelligence, unless the knowledge depends on intelligence. I’d like to be able to understand higher mathematics, for example, but I can’t: there’s a qualitative cliff and I stand at the foot of it gazing upward in frustrated wonder. There’s no pill I can take or brain-operation I can undergo that would enable me to climb that cliff. Intelligence isn’t yet pharmacologically or neurologically malleable.

“The process began with Jews…”

That isn’t true of other psychological variables. Brain injuries can alter personality, turning the law-abiding into criminals. There are drugs that will increase alertness or sweep reality away altogether in a flood of vivid hallucinations. There is no drug for IQ, but there are drugs for ego, like cocaine and alcohol. There are also ideologies for ego, like anti-racism, feminism, LGBTQ+ activism and other branches of liberalism in its corrupt modern form. But egotrophic1 ideologies weren’t discovered by chance in the way that cocaine and alcohol were: they were deliberately invented. They also reflect the innate egomania of a particular race, if this story is any guide:

Britain’s top rabbi warns against multiculturalism

Multiculturalism promotes segregation, stifles free speech and threatens liberal democracy, Britain’s top Jewish official warned in extracts from his book published Saturday. Jonathan Sacks, Britain’s [former] chief rabbi, defined multiculturalism as an attempt to affirm Britain’s diverse communities and make ethnic and religious minorities more appreciated and respected. But in his book, “The Home We Build Together: Recreating Society,” he said the movement had run its course.

“Multiculturalism has led not to integration but to segregation,” Sacks wrote in his book, an extract of which was published in the Times of London. “Liberal democracy is in danger,” Sacks said, adding later: “The politics of freedom risks descending into the politics of fear.” Sacks said Britain’s politics had been poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment.

The process, he said, began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays. He said the effect had been “inexorably divisive.” “A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming that its pain, injury, oppression, humiliation is greater than that of others,” he said. In an interview with the [London] Times, Sacks said he wanted his book to be “politically incorrect in the highest order.” (Britain’s top rabbi warns against multiculturalismiSteve, 20th October 2007)

There you have it from the rabbi’s mouth: “…the process began with Jews.” You can see this ego- and ethno-mania at work in another rabbi’s face. Look at the woman in the purple skullcap gazing self-importantly at Theresa May in this photo:

Who is she? That’s easy to answer: she’s Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, the “Senior Rabbi” in British Reform Judaism and daughter of the alleged paederast Greville Janner (thanks to Franklin Ryckaert for rabbi-spotting). And why is she in the photo? That’s not so easy to answer. It was taken when Theresa May visited Finsbury Park Mosque in London after an attack by a White Islamophobe there. Rabbi Laura is a wealthy Jewish liberal and not a resident of the area or directly affected by the attack. But she nevertheless felt entitled to stand prominently beside the prime minister with another Jew, while Muslims themselves were relegated to the background.

“We see ourselves…”

There’s a word for behaviour like that: chutzpah. Naturally enough, it’s a Yiddish word describing some typically Jewish traits. Rabbi Janner-Klausner is an egomaniac who, because she herself belongs to a minority, works tirelessly to promote the cult of minority worship. For example, she thinks Britain should open its borders to the vibrant vulnerable and welcome in as many enriching ethnics as wish to settle here. Here is something she wrote in the Guardian about “refugees”:

When Jewish people look at Calais migrants, we see ourselves

… Look at the office you’ve worked in today, the school you dropped your children off at, the carriage you’re in right now. Many of the people you see, or their families before them, came to these shores seeking sanctuary. Our city [London] thrives on immigration, on years of taking in those who sought its help, of taking in people who have returned so much to London. The Jewish community is just one group who enjoy its richness today.

For the Jewish people, for thousands of years a dispersed nation without guaranteed safety, the sight of the Calais “jungle” camp on our doorstep is especially painful. We remember with gratitude the great deeds of the Kindertransport, and with hurt the rejection we have also known. What is the Jewish response to hearing that thousands are living in squalor just a few miles away? When we look across the English Channel, we see ourselves. (When Jewish people look at Calais migrants, we see ourselvesThe Guardian, 13th August 2015)

Rabbi Janner-Klausner is speaking only half of the truth: Jewish support for refugees is certainly about Jews, but Jews don’t see themselves in the refugees. If they did, the refugees wouldn’t have been at Calais, because Israel would already have welcomed them in. All of those “fleeing” to Calais started their journeys far closer to Israel than to France or Britain. In some cases, their journey began in Syria, which shares a border with Israel. But obviously the “pain” felt by Jews in Britain at sight of the vibrant vulnerable isn’t felt by Jews in Israel.

“Is it good for the Jews?”

This is because Jews in Israel wouldn’t benefit from mass immigration by Muslims and other non-Jews, who would commit crime, consume welfare and undermine the power of the Jewish majority. But Jews in Britain support mass immigration precisely because it has those harmful effects on the White majority. There’s a blatant double-standard explained by that perennial question: “Is it good for the Jews?” And we can’t excuse Rabbi Janner-Klausner on the ground that Israel is a long way off and difficult to get news from. She lived in Jerusalem for 15 years, so she knows perfectly well what Israel’s policies on migration are. When Israeli Jews look at their neighbours in the region, they do not “see themselves.” Instead, in the words of Benjamin Netanyahu, they see “predators” and “beasts” who must be kept out with hi-tech fences.

Rabbi Janner-Klausner was also wrong when she said that London “thrives on immigration.” In fact, immigration atomizes the city and impoverishes its native White working-class. It also introduces crimes that were once unknown there, like gang-rape and female genital mutilation, and re-introduces crimes that had died out, like acid attacks. What race were the two “youths” who recently eased the tricky job of robbery by throwing acid in their victims’ faces? It’s highly likely that they were Black and their victims all or mostly White. The criminals’ race is indicated not just by the egocentric savagery of the crimes, but also by the ease with which the police were able to arrest and charge a suspect. When savagery meets stupidity, Blacks are world-class performers.

Librarians vs Barbarians

Not all Blacks are savage and stupid, of course. But the intelligent ones are sometimes even more harmful to Western nations than the savage and stupid ones. Take April Hancock, a Black American librarian whose jaw-dropping effusions were recently celebrated at Steve Sailer’s blog. Ms Hancock’s own blog, At The Intersection, is “about the intersection of libraries, law, feminism, and diversity” and is a richly rewarding case-study in Black female egomania and anti-racist metaphysics. One of her posts is a perfect example of what I wrote about in “Obey Your Ethnic Masters.” Ms Hancock has a simple message for us stale pale folk: we are innately evil and must fight our natal infection under Black direction:

For as long as there has been time, white people have been fighting the notion that they are racist. For them, it is like the N-word, the C-word, and the B-word all rolled into one. (If only those words didn’t exist and we didn’t know which slurs they referred to.) It is their kryptonite. It is the moment when all communication on issues of race break [sic] down. It is the sledgehammer that shreds their delicate #whitefragility to dust in a shower of #whitetears.

And all this is sheer and utter nonsense.

Racism is everywhere. It is the norm. It is the foundation upon which every white colonializing country was built. It doesn’t matter if you’re not American, not Southern, not mean, not old, not conservative. Racism is the fertile soil upon which white supremacy grows. And white supremacy is like ivy. It is everywhere, it is hard to uproot, and it grows fast.

White people are so intent on treating racism like it’s an anomaly, a disease, rather than realizing that racism is the default. White people, by virtue of their race privilege, are racist. All of them. Everyone. It is how white privilege exists and continues to persist. It is a painful reality, I know, but a reality nonetheless. …

The only way we will ever truly dismantle white supremacy and dig up the manure of racism in which it grows is if we all face this truth: Racism is the foundational default and all white people are guilty of it. There’s no getting around it. …

So, now, let’s face facts and get to work. Granted, it may take you awhile. For many of you, this post feels harsh and divisive and mean and insulting and untrue. That’s okay. That’s just your #whitefragility acting up. Go ahead, take a moment to yourself or with some fellow white people, and cry those #whitetears. (Just don’t burden people of color with them; we’ve got better things to do.)

And when you’re really ready to be honest and do this work, come on back. It’d be great to have you as a true antiracist ally. (Everything But… Racism, At The Intersection blog, 8th February 2016)

Ms Hancock talks about “reality,” “truth” and “honesty,” but I’m not sure quite what she means by those words. If Black failure in America is entirely due to “white supremacy” and “the manure of racism,” we would expect nations like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Haiti to be blazing beacons of Black achievement. After all, Blacks are firmly in charge there.

But South Africa, Zimbabwe and Haiti are remarkable for crime, corruption and poverty, not for achievement. No doubt Ms Hancock would attribute this failure to White “racism” too. Racism is an eldritch force of immense power and extent, grinding Blacks into the mud all over the Earth, but somehow failing to do the same to the Japanese, despite their complete defeat at the end of World War II and the strong prejudice held against them by their conquerors.

King Cockroach

Nor have Japanese and other East Asians in America been held back by racism: they do better than Whites in income and education. Given these facts, I wonder whether Ms Hancock’s beliefs about “white supremacy” and “racism” are entirely rational. To me, they look like a more sophisticated version of the beliefs about witchcraft and magic that flourish in her ancestral continent of Africa. True, she isn’t dissecting albinos for their magically potent body-parts, but she doesn’t seem any more interested in evidence and logic than those Black Africans who are.

I also wonder what non-Whites like Ms Hancock will do to Whites if present trends continue and Whites become a powerless minority in their present homelands. This post at her blog about Donald Trump’s victory does not radiate goodwill or understanding:

It’s like you wake up one evening and turn on the light to find a giant cockroach with bad hair and a fake tan in the middle of the floor. And you scream and holler and cry about how awful the giant cockroach is. And then you notice other cockroaches surrounding and supporting the giant cockroach and being just as awful. And you think, Oh noes! When did my apartment start being a place for horrible cockroaches full of hate?

Little do you realize that your apartment has always been full of cockroaches. In fact, your neighbor on the margins has known all about them. It’s dark on the margins and your neighbor has been covered in cockroaches the whole time. But you just didn’t see them. You had your lights out or you weren’t paying attention or whatever. All this time you thought you were committed to anti-cockroach praxis. But they’ve been there. They’ve always been there. They were there when you moved in and they’ll likely be there when you leave.

Unless you step up. But that means being proactive in combating the oppression of the horrible cockroaches all the time. Not just when your lights are on. Not just when you see the cockroach. All. The. Time. You gotta be putting out those traps and spraying that Raid. It’s a full-time job.

Let’s get over our privileged shock and despair and get to work, shall we? We’ve got some oppression we need to exterminate.

N.B. No cockroaches were harmed in the writing of this post. Also, I apologize to cockroaches everywhere for comparing them to a “basket of deplorables.” (Welcome to Reality, Friends, At The Intersection blog, 15th October 2016)

You don’t “exterminate” oppression, which is an abstract noun. You “exterminate” oppressors, who are animate evil-doers. And I think that is what Ms Hancock, an intelligent and literate Black, wants to do to White “racists.” She has the same hostility to Whites as the far more numerous unintelligent and illiterate Blacks who share her beliefs about the innate evil of Whites and the omnipotence of “white supremacy” and “white racism.”

Smite the White

But I don’t think there could be any reasoning or reconciliation with the likes of April Hancock and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner. They’re egomaniacs who will never stop attacking and undermining the shrinking White majority in Western nations. And because they believe themselves both absolutely right and unimpeachably righteous, they themselves have no interest in “dialogue.” The only response they want from their opponents is silence and obedience. For proof of that, simply see what happened at Evergreen State College in Washington when “progressive activists” were able to put their anti-cockroach gnosis into anti-cockroach praxis:

Evergreen Student: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Speak Because I’m White’

Evergreen State College in Washington has been the subject of outrage ever since one of its professors, Bret Weinstein [who is Jewish], was driven from campus for rejecting progressive student activist demands to remove white people from the campus in a “Day of Absence.” Addressing the school’s Board of Trustees this Wednesday, Weinstein and student speakers spoke out on the issue.

One student, who identified herself only by her last name, MacKenzie, stated that she was prevented from voicing her opinions on any issue at the school all because she is white and labeled a “white supremacist” for offering any sort of viewpoint. This behavior has actually been encouraged and because of this I feel like people are becoming more violent and the campus is becoming more of an unsafe place,” she continued. “I have been to several meetings to speak. I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white. This school seems to focus so much on race that it is actually becoming more racist in a different sort of way. And because I say that — because I choose not to focus on race I have actually been labeled a racist and a white supremacist. If anyone took the time to actually know me, it’s not true at all,” she said.

Professor Weinstein says that Evergreen “descended into literal anarchy” for days following the protests. He says that the school had lost complete control of the environment. Heat Street previously reported that progressive activists at the college had formed a militia, armed with baseball bats, to perform what they called “community policing.” [Weinstein said:] “For days the campus was not under control of the state, it was under the control of protesters. There were assaults, there were batteries, there was pressure not to report crimes to the police. People were, by the legal definition I believe, kidnapped and imprisoned. That included faculty members and administrators. Others were hunted on the campus.”

“Lawless bands roamed the campus unimpeded. Police were physically and intentionally blocked by protesters,” he continued. “Police were cruelly, systematically and personally taunted. They were humiliated and forced to stand down by the president. Students that held different opinions were, by the protesters own analysis, stalked, harassed … their names, pictures, addresses, and phone numbers were distributed online.” (Evergreen Student: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Speak Because I’m White’Daily Caller, 14th July 2017)

Evergreen is a microcosm of the West’s future if present trends continue: a lawless dystopia of anti-White violence. Note that the White female student denies being racist. As we saw above, the Black librarian April Hancock deems this impossible: “White people, by virtue of their race privilege, are racist. All of them.” To Ms Hancock, Whites who question her assertion are simply providing further proof of their racism. And however much Rabbi Janner-Klausner might shriek with outrage, she is included among the White racists. Professor Bret Weinstein at Evergreen is Jewish, but he is still regarded as a White racist by the protestors there.

Weinstein is a self-proclaimed progressive, so he helped to dig the pit into which he fell. Yes, I can accept that he genuinely believes in free speech and free enquiry, but I still think it would be better if he moved to Israel to be among his own people. April Hancock should certainly move to Africa to be among hers. Egomaniacs like her cannot be reasoned with. Separation is the only solution.

Transgender Service Members Can Stay in the Military for Now, Pentagon Official Says

WASHINGTON — The military’s policy permitting transgender individuals to serve remains in place, the country’s highest military officer said on Thursday, clarifying some of the confusion surrounding President Trump’s tweeted announcement that transgender people will no longer be accepted or allowed in the military

In a letter to the military service chiefs, Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the policy on who is allowed to serve will not change until the White House sends the Defense Department a rules change and the secretary of defense issues new guidelines.

“In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect,” General Dunford said in the letter, first reported by Reuters. “As importantly, given the current fight and the challenges we face, we will all remain focused on accomplishing our assigned missions.”